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Friday, January 10, 2020

Just Jot January - 2020 - Gone to the Dogs

I feel like I've posted a lot about our little Benny but when the prompt for #JusJoJan as submitted by Di to Linda is "Dogs," I feel I have no choice but to share some more.  I'll try to use something I haven't shared before.

Our son got him a little Lambchop doll which he loves so much.

I'm not sure what he's doing here, praying?     

Sometimes he'll sit on my lap while we watch TV.  

Naturally we think we have the smartest dog in the world.  Our daughter has done an excellent job of training him to sit, dance, roll over and give you his paw.  He gets very excited and runs to the door when my husband asks him if he wants to go for a ride.  For some reason he likes riding in the truck but he is not so fond of riding in my car.  That's okay with me because truth be told, I don't want the dog hair all over and I can't drive with him on my lap which is what my husband does. 

Rachel sent us this video while we were in Boulder Creek last September.  Do you think he knows what she's saying?

He has been known to steal a shoe or two.

And if I could just get him to pick up his toys it would be perfect.  

How can you be mad at such a cutie?  I am not sorry we didn't get a dog sooner because I know I wasn't ready for one, but now I'm okay with it.  


  1. Hi, Janet!

    What a wonderful dog Benny is! He's not only cute but intelligent. I love how he cocks his head from one side to the other in that video. It's priceless. Every pose is classic. It's as if Benny knows the camera is on and it's time to do something funny or interesting.

    Thanks for sharing more about your marvelous pet, dear friend Janet!

    1. My family was shocked when I said I wanted a dog. Our cat had just died and I had always been vehemently opposed to getting a pet of any kind. The cat had sort of wandered in from the neighborhood and of course cats require less attention than dogs so I tolerated it. Benny is a joy. Have a great weekend.

  2. Benny is adorable and it's fun to see how he's thoroughly integrated himself into your lives and hearts. A little joy spark that one!

    1. We got really lucky with this one and it has been a surprisingly easy transition to dog ownership.

  3. Any pet is a big commitment but one as cute as Benny can't be that much hardship.


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