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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fancy-Free February - 2017

Here we are on the last day of February.  For some reason it seems like February took longer to go by than January and it is shorter!  Here are the last pictures for the month for my 365 project.

#55 - Fixing the wire.  It only took four days for them to come and repair the wire that was falling down (see Picture #50 when we called the fire department).  Took him all of 10 minutes maybe.  Our excitement for the day!

#56 - If you've been following along (and I hope you have) you know that I am trying my darndest to lose some weight this year.  To that end, I am not eating things like candy and cake for the most part.  Unfortunately my husband still likes to eat those things and I don't blame him but when he made a cake earlier this month, I told myself I wasn't going to eat any.  So that I wasn't tempted, I put it in a container on the counter.  I forgot it was there and so did the hubs.  This is the science experiment that came out of it:

#57 - We shop at Safeway usually for our groceries.  Monopoly is back.  On my last shopping trip I got 30 little packs of tickets.  Since the kids are out of the house, I only go grocery shopping about once every two weeks so this last trip (where I saw the creepy guy in picture #54) I spent about $200.  I wasn't even concentrating on products that give Monopoly tickets!

#58 - I've been journaling at night and sometimes the cat comes by to make sure I do.  Generally she won't have anything to do with me.  She's my husband's "Puppy" because she follows him around all the time.  Every once in a while she'll spend the night at the foot of our bed but most of the time I'm just in her way.

#59 - The final picture for February is this bottle of shampoo.  I found myself with some questions regarding the wording on the front.  It says "Up to 100 uses."  Does that mean if I use it 102 or 103 times I'm doing something wrong?  Does it mean it's good for up to 100 things besides shampooing my hair?  And does the word raplapla mean flat in some other language?  If so, could I say "I have a raplapla tire?"  I kind of like raplapla better than flat don't you?  Just some random things I think about when I'm taking a shower.

How about you?  Think of anything profound in the shower lately?  Working on any year long projects?  Love to hear about it.  Get ready for March!  We've got a lot going on!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Fancy-Free February - 2017

Just a few more days and March will be upon us.  I know you're dying to see the latest pictures in my 365 project!

#48 - Everyday is a gift.  This is important to remember, especially when things seem like they are not going as well as we expect them to or we are feeling like we are living a boring, hum drum life.  I thank God every morning when I wake up...well, when I have my first cup of coffee anyway! 

#49 - Tea Time 

I've been drinking a lot of tea lately because it has been so cold.  At least two cups are with this tea which is helping me with my weight loss I'm sure.  

#50 - Fire department to the rescue!  With the recent wind and rain we had a power line that looked like it was going to come down and so we called the fire department to come and check it out.  It was hanging down really low and we get a lot of large trucks up and down our street.  The wonderful San Bruno Fire Department was there within 10 minutes and they tested the wire to see if it was electrical or cable.  They determined it was a cable wire and since it was the weekend, they promised to report it to the cable company on the next business day...That was 3 days ago and even though we have called the cable company ourself as well, it still hasn't been fixed.  Fortunately it is not affecting our cable so we'll just continue to monitor the situation! 

#51 - Flood waters!  When we get a lot of rain as we have the past few days a big puddle forms on the sidewalk and at the end of our driveway.  Since we in California were in a state of drought, I say let it pour.  Grateful that I can work from home and not have to go out and drive in it!

#52 - Scrap Time Score!  One of my favorite crafters was having a second hand sale.  Since she goes to a lot of the craft and hobby shows and has a website and does instructional videos, she gets a lot of product to try as a tester and as gift packages at the shows.  I love when she decides she has too much stuff and has a sale.  Even if the things have been slightly used, I feel like I am getting something from a celebrity!  Most of this stuff was still brand new in the packages and the whole lot of it cost about what two stamp sets would cost!  Can't wait to start using it!

#53 - Inspiration collage.  This is the other side of the collage I featured in picture 43.  I did not think I would have a use for the 2 x 2 page protectors but I really like the way it came together.  Great use of those little bits and pieces I like to save.

#54 - This guy greeted me at my local Safeway when I went shopping today.  He kinda creeps me out.  One of my Facebook friends asked if he was supposed to be a bartender or a party goer who had too much!  I'm not sure but I don't think I'd want to be at a party with him no mater what!

And now we are caught up.  Five days left in February.  March is my birthday month so it is always a fun one for me!  We've got lots happening too with our concerts starting and another trip to Thunder Valley casino! How about you?  How's your February going?  Had much rain or snow?  Ready for March?

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Fancy-Free February - 2017

Documenting the 365 picture project again.  Just in case you missed them on instagram, here are the latest batch:

#39 -  Big box of Daphne's Diary papers and treats.  So many little bits and pieces and odds and ends of fun stuff to use!

#40 - I am not a big animal fan but I really have a lot of papers and stickers and things that have to do with dogs and cats.  I'm gonna have to start making some animal related mini-albums soon!

#41 - One more full moon picture.  This is the one that's going in the 365 book.  

#42 - My book #5 for this years' reading challenge.  I am so ready for baseball to start!  Hopefully this book about umpires will bridge me until the season starts!  

#43 - My Happy Life board.  I am working with Ali Edwards in her One Little Word class to help keep my word of the year in the forefront of my thinking this year.  Each month she gives us a prompt to work on.  This month it is "Practice" and we were to choose something to try to do every day of the month.  I've chosen to listen to Andrea Schroeder's Creative Visualization meditation and to then journal.  One of the things that came out for what I am looking for is "My Happy Life."  I've made this mini board to help me see the way to get to that point (not that I am unhappy with life now but I want the best!)  

#44 - Stuffed Strawberries for dessert!  Just because I am trying to watch what I'm eating doesn't mean I can't have treats.  These strawberries are stuffed with ricotta cheese and topped with a bit of chocolate chips.  All of these (in fact, I could have had 5 stuffed berries but only made 4) are less than 100 calories and so good!  Another Hungry Girl recipe!

#45 - Valentine's Day!  Bill and I have been married for almost 33 years and every day is Valentine's Day for us - HA!  But really, I don't want candy and while I love flowers, we can use the money in other ways right now so a simple card exchange was just enough.  I did get him/us a neat thing though.  It is a Scavenger Hunt in San Francisco where we go a starting point near Fisherman's Wharf and then using our cellphone, get clues and hints to find different things in the city.  Once the weather gets nicer, we'll take a day trip.  Luckily we can go in the middle of the week when it won't be so crowded!  Of course I made my card but he always manages to find the ones that say just the right thing!

#46 - Flowers from our little girl.  She surprised us with a visit when she and her boyfriend came down to have dinner at Benihana.  I have never seen flowers quite like this.  They are so pretty!  

#47 - Rainbow yarn.  I've had this yarn for a couple of years now and I really love the rainbow colors but I couldn't find the right pattern to use it on.  I found one for a shawl tonight that I'm gonna try.  It will give me something to do with my hands when I watch TV!  I hate idle hands!  Hopefully I'll have it finished in time for some of our summer concerts because I think it will be just perfect for those summer nights!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fancy-Free February - 2017 Reading Challenge edition

February 14 - Happy Valentine's Day.  Meant to post this the other day but I guess I forgot!

Finished the book about Sherlock Holmes.  It was very interesting, giving some insights both about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and about Sherlock, Dr. Watson and the stories that I had not known.  Of course, now I want to go back and read all the stories again but I'm on to something else for now:

"As They See 'Em" is the story of baseball umpires.  Bruce Weber was a New York Times reporter who interviewed umpires and then actually trained to become one and umpired games from Little League to the Majors in Spring Training games.  I've only read the Introduction so far but even that was interesting.  He was saying that the players were reluctant to talk about the umpires because they were afraid of retaliation during a game.   The back cover of the book promises that we'll learn what the umpires and managers actually say to each other during those "discussions" they sometimes have.  

According to Mr. Weber, one of the first things you are taught in umpire school is how to take your mask off without upsetting your cap.  It apparently is a real skill and very important so that the umpire does not look foolish or so that his cap does not land in the field of play and confuse people.

I can't wait for baseball to start and this will get me in the swing of things.  I have a feeling I'm going to be paying particular attention to the umpires this season, especially when they start whipping off their masks!  

How about you?  Ready for baseball?  Like the umpires?

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Fancy-Free February - 2017

February 11

Last night was the Full Snow Moon.  I was driving home from the grocery store and I saw the moon just beginning to rise.  It was shrouded by clouds, barely visible and I knew I wouldn't be able to get a good shot with my iPhone so I hurried home to see if I could capture it with my camera.

Unfortunately, when I got home I realized that the moon wasn't high enough yet for me to see it from our house.  That didn't stop me and I decided to get in a little exercise and walk down the street to see if I could see it from the corner.

On the way, between some houses, I caught this:

and this:

But, the cloud cover was really thick and I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to get any good shots.

I went home and decided to keep checking.  Maybe when it got higher I'd be able to get something.  It was teasing me by peeking out...

and then disappearing again.

Finally it got high enough and the clouds cleared.  You can't tell very well from this picture but there was almost a rainbow aura circling around it.

Then there was this:

During all this time, while I was walking around the block and later when I was standing on our back porch I was trying to keep the Snow Moon intention present.  The Snow Moon asks, "What are your deepest dreams?"  

I did not catch the lunar eclipse or the comet that was to have occurred last night but I'll take these moon shots.  How about you?  Deepest dreams?  See the full moon and/or the comet and eclipse? 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Fancy-Free February - 2017

February 7 - Picture time:

#35 - Cookie Monster motivates me:

I was walking through the mall the other day and I happened to see this on a pajama top.  I'm using it to remind me to control meself!

#36 -  The hubs wanted donuts after the Super Bowl game on Sunday so we stopped at our local donut shop on the way home.

It was a rainy night and I guess everyone needed some "feel good" after the strange outcome of the football game.  Kind of like another strange outcome we've had recently.  Thank goodness I've got Cookie Monster (see above).

#37 - Made a few new cards for the Etsy site in time for Valentine's Day.

They don't actually say Valentine's Day though so maybe you could use them for an anniversary or just any time you want to tell someone you love them!

#38 - February Selfie

Decided to take a full shot instead of just my face this time.  Maybe in a few months we'll be able to see some changes.  I'm hoping so.  I see a little bit already. 

Caught up for now.  How about you?  Keeping up with any projects you started this year?  

Friday, February 3, 2017

Fancy-Free February - 2017

February 3 - I like to find snappy titles for my months.  It makes it more fun for me and also easier to search if I need to find something I posted.  This month was a tough one but I think I've found something that will work well - Fancy-Free February. 

As in "footloose and fancy-free," having no responsibilities, free to imagine or fancy.  I do have responsibilities, don't get me wrong, it's just that with so much political turmoil going on around, I'd like to step back into a time when things seemed less pressing.  Free to imagine or fancy sounds right up my alley! 

So, first up in our Fancy-Free February (which is already three days old!) are the pictures from the 365 Picture project:

#31 is actually the top of this picture, which shows my 4-meal cooking plan.  I'm finding that if I make four dinners at a time it is much easier for me to stay on track with my weight loss.  As of now I've lost 31 pounds.  Still a way to go but this is definitely helping.  

The bottom part of this picture shows what I've decided to do in the journal I'm keeping for the 365 pictures.  By using these calendar cards I can keep track of the pictures in case I need to find one and can't remember when I took it.  Plus, it will help me with keeping the numbers consecutive.  At the beginning of the month I always want to start with 1!

#32 is my word for this year, Believe.  I colored this and it is hanging in my craft room.  

#33 - Powdered peanut butter!  What will they think of next?  Two tablespoons of this has only 45 calories compared to Jif at 190!  I can believe it's real peanut butter.  (See what I did there?)

#34 - Super stamping.  One of my cool new tools is this MISTI stamper.  You can stamp with several stamps at once and/or keep stamping in the exact same spot every time if you are making something like Christmas cards or invitations.  It is also good if you are using layered stamps and adding dimension to a project.

This one is the original MISTI (Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented), but I also have the WR Memory Keepers Precision Press because, although it is smaller, it does not have an edge on one side so I can use it for bigger pieces of paper.  Tim Holtz has designed one as well and it has different properties too but I can't justify having 3 of them.  Maybe if I hadn't gotten the Precision Press I would have gotten the one by Tim Holtz but oh well.  

Okay, that's a recap for now and a start to this Fancy-Free February.  Sunday is the big Super Bowl and although I'm not a big football fan, I like to watch the half-time show and we go to some friend's house and it is nice to visit. 

How about you?  Tired of all the negativity? Ready for some Footloose and Fancy-Free?  Super Bowl plans?  Love to hear about it.