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Monday, January 20, 2020

Just Jot January - 2020 - Humor Me

My husband says I have no sense of humor.  I say my sense of humor is just different than his.  He reads the comics in the paper every day.  I rarely read one unless he brings it to me.  I don't like Jim Carey's humor.  I don't like Will Ferrell.  Dumb and Dumber - No thanks.  Ace Ventura - pass. 

Airplane?  Absolutely.  Police Squad?  For sure.  Grace and Frankie?  You bet.  Maybe I just like intelligent humor, not stupid humor.  I laugh every time I hear "Who's on First."

I guess maybe I'm just a little more reserved than he is?  How about you?  Do you have the same sense of humor as your significant other?  Does it make a difference? 

Thanks to Sadje for the prompt of "humor" today and Linda for letting us all play along.


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  1. I love all the films you mentioned but have yet to see Grace and Frankie. I hate the Ace Ventura films and, in fact, that is one of very few films I have ever turned off. Now, I do like dumb which means I like Will Ferrell comedies..they are so stupid but I laugh like hell. I think Modern Family is funny but hubby doesn’t understand or dislikes that humour, calls me strange and that’s that. I think I have a lot more humour than he does but he says I have no humour...hahahaaa


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