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Monday, March 28, 2022

Muddling Through March – 2022 Lesson Learned

So we learned something new today about the meaning of “unattached” media files. I was going through my photos on WP trying to save some space by using previously uploaded pictures in my upcoming A to Z draft posts. I noticed there were occasionally some duplicate photos and since I just had to pay for more space, I thought that if I deleted some of the duplicates it would help. But how to know which ones are actually duplicates and which ones are attached to a post?

Well, there’s a drop down menu that says,”unattached” so I thought, great. I’ll delete the unattached ones. Sadly, according to WP, unattached doesn’t necessarily mean they are not attached to a post, it means they were uploaded directly to the post not through the media file :(. Which means that some of my posts now don’t have pictures in them anymore. Fortunately, most of them were from 2020 and earlier so I’ll just have to be careful if I am linking to a prior post that I double check it to make sure it is complete. Uggg. Anybody else learn a valuable lesson today?

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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Muddling Through March – 2022 – Ready?

The A to Z is set to start next week and I am not even close to being ready. I have my topic and some vague ideas of what I’m going to talk about but usually by this time I at least have the drafts for each letter and a few pictures uploaded. This year…nada. I’ve decided that today I’m going to at least get all 26 drafts started and hopefully A and B done.

What’s the holdup this year? I’m not 100% sure. Perhaps I’m over complicating the theme. I mean, thinking of activities to do on dates should be easy, right? I even have a list of ideas I was going to choose from. Maybe it’s because I wanted my husband and I to actually go on these dates so I’d have pictures and I know that’s not happening with the time we have left. Maybe it’s that I wanted to do more research. Maybe it’s because I’ve been busy with actual typing work and making money takes priority over playing on the internet. I even gave a half-second thought to changing the theme but a) I don’t know what to change it to unless I do more of my concert album and that requires A LOT of time and b) I got a lot of positive responses from my faithful followers that they were looking forward to my take on the subject and I hate to disappoint. So, today is draft day. Maybe once I get them started I’ll be more inspired.

Speaking of inspiration, let me leave with a few of the things I’ve been working on for the Etsy Shop. Truthfully, these were done before the last show I did and I just didn’t have time to put them up until the other day.

Can you tell I really love the exploding boxes? I have some papers picked out for a couple of Mother’s Day ones. I also love working with the Creative Memories card kits. Being a consultant helps with that.

Anyway, there we are. How far are you with your A to Z progress? Shall we take bets to see if I can make it?

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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Muddling Through March – 2022 – Tripping

Well, Thursday was my birthday. I’m 67. I at first thought I was going to be 68 but when I realized I was only 67 I felt so much younger. Actually I feel pretty good. My weight has been plateaued for a couple months but it is down from last year by about 15 pounds so I’m okay with that. I still have another 25 or so to go. Because I’ve been eating healthier my blood tests are all normal, I don’t have to take meds for diabetes anymore and my blood pressure is in acceptable range.

About the only problem I have is my right knee. It has been off center since I had a tripping incident when the kids were younger and we were at a roller skating rink. A young person stopped short in front of me and in order to avoid rolling over them I did a quick pivot and my knee didn’t quite make the same movement. And then there was that time that I tripped down the back steps and actually broke my kneecap.

I can tell you it is no fun being in a leg brace, even one that is bendable. I am not really coordinated when it comes to crutches either. So my leg does occasionally ache but I think having 70 pounds less to carry around helps with that too.

I much prefer the kind of trip we made Thursday which was to Graton Casino. I was hoping that they would give some kind of bonus for it being my birthday but they said they stopped doing that when they reopened after the pandemic. I’d think they would have kept something like that to encourage people to make the trip there but what do I know?

I did have a short bit of excitement when I got this winner!

Pennies folks, these are pennies we’re betting.

Unfortunately, as exciting as that was, we didn’t win enough to allow me to retire – LOL. I may or may not have been doing some research for my upcoming A to Z theme of dating. I’ll let you be the judge of that. Which type of trip would you prefer? A trip to the ER after a fall or a trip to a casino where you could possibly win some money? Thanks to Linda for the prompt for today’s SoCS.

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Monday, March 7, 2022

Muddling Through March – 2022 – A to Z Theme Reveal

It is time once again for the A to Z Blogging Challenge Theme Reveal! For those of you who haven’t traveled through the alphabet with me before, this is your chance. Beginning Friday April 1 and ending Saturday April 30 (with the exception of Sundays) I, along with hundreds of other bloggers, will be filling the universe (well internet) with our own takes on what the letters A to Z can mean.

This will be my 7th year and my themes so far have been music, scrapbooking concerts (twice), the A to Z of Michaels Arts and Crafts store, scrapbooking in general and last year I did the A to Z of San Francisco. I was struggling to come up with an idea for this year. While I love doing the scrapbooking of my concerts, I wasn’t sure I could get another alphabet’s worth of different artists and even if I could stretch it using song titles, I knew I didn’t have the time to scrapbook 26 more shows before April. I haven’t been driving to San Francisco routinely and I think I pretty much got all of the main sites last year anyway. I’m not working outside the house (yet) so I have no interesting stores to take you through. What’s a girl to do? Google it of course!

So I Googled “A to Z” and several possibilities came up but the one I settled on is “The A to Z of Dating.” Even though the hubby and I have been married for 37 years (38 in May), I still believe in date nights. When we first got married, before the kids came along, I told him that it was important to me that we not lose sight of why we got together in the first place. Of course with the kids and life circumstances (work, health issues, lack of funds, a pandemic – you get the idea) it was not always easy to get some time to ourselves and there were many years when dating just wasn’t happening.

But, with this A to Z challenge I’m going to try and show some things that you can do for a date night that don’t necessarily cost much money or take a lot of time. I’ll be going through our old photos to relive some of those early dates (which could be a date in itself!) and hopefully we can go on a couple of new experiences that I can write about during the month ahead. I’m looking forward to exploring this topic and hope that you’ll enjoy it too. Got any ideas for those tricky months like Q, X, Y, Z? Will you be doing the A to Z this year?

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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Muddling Through March – 2022

It’s my birthday month. I don’t usually celebrate it for the whole month but I know some people do. I made this as the cover in my yearbook…

I think it resembles me. I have no blogging challenges but I should really be getting ready for the A to Z next month. I think I have my theme? Not as 100% sold on it as I was last year but it might be too late to try and think of something else.

Just got notified that I’m accepted to the next step in the hiring process at the library. In-person interview and cart test (putting the books in order) next Tuesday. While I said in the last post that I was busy, I can’t predict how the whole year will go. Won’t hurt to do the interview. Happy March!

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