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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Oh My! Now it’s October…

Just got back from a short trip to visit the mom-in-law in Oregon. Truly blessed to have longevity at least in the women of our families. Hubby’s mom is 96 and mine is 98! Both have their medical issues but are still getting up every morning. Flying is always fun and it was nice to be able to spend a few days just sitting and doing pretty much nothing but talking and watching TV. Well, the watching TV part was kinda hard for me because you know I can’t just sit still for that but I had some magazines to skim through and a book to read. Still, I think mom enjoyed having the company. We don’t get up there very often.

We did just recently get a United Mileage Plus credit card (don’t ask me why we didn’t do it sooner) and that entitled us to a once a year pass into the United Club. That was pretty cool. Also, while it was pretty chilly in Oregon and it did rain a bit, back home there was a torrential downpour with streets flooding and cars getting stuck. Poor Benny didn’t even want to go out in the rain to go potty! Always fun to see the clouds from the plane.

Now it is time to get to work in the Etsy shop getting ready for the upcoming holiday boutiques. I did get this kind review from someone who bought 10 (!) cards recently.

I’m going to attempt the Ultimate Blog Challenge next month so hope you don’t mind hearing from me a little more often than I have been. I’m going to try drafting some posts in advance and see if that makes it easier. Halloween is coming. Are you ready? We haven’t gotten candy yet and I don’t decorate since the kids are all grown and I don’t like dusting – LOL.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Oh My! Now it’s October…

Sadly my SF Giants did not make it to the next level of the post season. No crying here because they did a remarkable job all year long and even though the last call of the game was clearly wrong, it was more than just one call that prevented their advancement. We will definitely be getting our membership in the 415 club again next year and hopefully the powers that be will sign all the good guys during the off season. How many days until March 31? I am watching this round of the playoffs because I’d love to see Boston beat the Astros (cheaters) and Atlanta beat the dreaded Dodgers. If the World Series turns out to be between Houston and LA, I’m probably gonna pass.

To fill the time, I’ve been working in the studio. I’ve finished a couple of projects that I was making for Thanksgiving.

The first is a fold out card and the second is called a “pocket” album. There is room in both for pictures and journaling. They’d make great gifts! Both are available in my Etsy shop. I’m making another one for Thanksgiving and then I’ll start working on Christmas.

I also finished my third sketchbook and it is on its way to the Brooklyn Art Library as part of The Sketchbook Project. This one is titled “Just a Thought” and the theme was “Thought Box.”

It was fun putting this together. I used a bunch of my favorite “thoughts” and tried to match the pictures to them. You can see the other two books I have in the library here and here. Of course if you live in New York or nearby, you could always go and see them in person – LOL. It’s kind of fun to say I have books in the Brooklyn Art Library but in reality, anybody can do it. In fact, there will probably be a new volume coming out soon since Volume 18 is due back in November. Even if you don’t want to do a sketchbook yourself, there are tons of interesting ones to look at and the library could use the love as it is a non-profit organization and donations are always welcome. I am not sure when this one will be online to view but you can be sure I’ll let you know when it is!

Unfortunately we had to miss the final concert we had scheduled for this year. It was to be Chris Isaak at the Mountain Winery but the hubby got his Covid booster a few days before and had a mild reaction with a headache and body aches. It was also supposed to rain and the venue is outside so we decided to stay home. He would have gone with me if I wanted but there was no way I was going to allow that. We both would have had a miserable time.

Next on the agenda is a quick trip to Oregon to see mom-in-law and then I’ll be getting ready for a scrapbook weekend (OMG I can’t wait for that!) and two holiday boutiques have in November. What’s coming up for you? Thoughts on baseball playoffs? Love to hear from you.

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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Oh My! Now It’s October…

I just can’t make this time move slower, can I? October is here and I’m not getting any closer to my goals it seems. Anybody else having that problem? Maybe it’s because our Giants are in the playoffs so I’m still consumed with baseball. I don’t usually follow other teams much but now I am watching all the postseason games to see who we might face next. It is nerve wracking sometimes. We made it to the game before they clinched the West. Look at all the boats out in McCovey Cove waiting for a home run to come. Yes we do have a woman coach on our team, the first in MLB!

Our first job is to put a lid on the dreaded Dodger’s season! Not going to be easy but I have faith in my guys. Thanks to Linda for the #SoCS prompt of “lid.” Have a great weekend all.

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