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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Just Jot January - 2020 - Experience

Our prompt today from Dan to Linda to us is "Experience."   I've been trying to get more experiences in our lives, especially since the kids are grown. 

Experiencing concerts has become a passion.  Of course I like to get as up close and personal as I can but even being in the back and seeing the cellphone lights around the stadium is magical.

When I turned 60, I wanted to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.  Even though I've lived in the Bay Area all my life, I hadn't had that experience before.  

We took a helicopter ride for our anniversary.  Going through the Grand Canyon and having a picnic on one of the ledges was a terrific experience.   

I've been trying to experience more sunsets at the beach lately.  I live so close it seems a shame to miss them and they are free!

                                                              Getting our picture on the jumbo screen at AT&T Park was a pretty neat experience too!

In 2017 we had a really great time in Reno with a  Let's Roam Scavenger Hunt.  At that time it was called Big City Hunts but even though they have changed their name, they still offer great experiences in many different cities.  My Word of the year that year was Believe and you can imagine how moved I was when I saw it in the middle of the city in huge metal letters.  I actually cried.  

Valentine's Day is coming and I think a great experience you can give to yourself and your significant other is a Date Night Scavenger Hunt.  It doesn't matter if you have been together a short time and are just learning about each other or if you have been together forever as we have, the scavenger hunt can be such fun.  Even though we had been to Reno many times before, we found some new and very interesting spots while on the hunt for clues to the next stop. 

I particularly liked this experience because while you are using your phone to get the clues and answer the questions, it is pretty much self-guided and you can take your time to enjoy the scenery.  We found some spots that were not part of the hunt that we would not necessarily have seen if we weren't strolling through the city.  We got some really great pictures too.

It is also reasonably priced.  I think they are having a sale now and with the Date Night Scavenger Hunt you can add an option for a proposal!  How cool would that be? 

I do need to disclose that I am an affiliate for Let's Roam and may get some compensation if you use my link, but I was writing about the great experience we had even before I was an affiliate.  They also have regular hunts if you want to do it with friends or family.  They have Ghost Tours, Bar Hopping Tours, Bachelorette Party Tours and Birthday Party Tours as well.  Definitely worth it to check out the site and see if a city near you is included, or to add to a vacation you have planned somewhere else.

Also, special offer for anyone who does use my link and decides to go on a Let's Roam Scavenger Hunt, I'll be happy to make a mini-album of your adventure at a discounted price!

Have you been enjoying the Just Jot January experience so far? 


  1. Hi, Janet!

    You and your hubby have gone many interesting places, seen many interesting sights and done many interesting things. Good for you guys! I haven't attended nearly as many concerts as you have, but I had the opportunity to meet, tape interviews, go backstage and see the live shows of many rock and heavy metal bands of the 80s including Kiss, W.A.S.P., Poison, Ratt, Cinderella, Ronnie James Dio and The Thompson Twins, and I have also seen the live shows of James Brown, The Beach Boys, Jay And The Americans, David Clayton-Thomas of Blood, Sweat & Tears, The Chiffons, The Coasters, Freddy Cannon and others. It's inspiring that you challenged yourself and loved ones to a walk across the GG Bridge on your 60th birthday. Years ago I made a commitment to increase the intensity of my exercise sessions with every passing year. Five years ago Mrs. Shady and I visited the South rim of the Grand Canyon but did not take the helicopter tour. It must have been an incredible thrill for you to have lunch on a ledge hundreds of feet from the Canyon bottom. Those Scavenger Hunts seems like loads of fun, a memorable experience for couples of any age.

    I hope you and Benny are having a pleasant day out west, dear friend Janet!

  2. Hi Friend Shady! It is raining hard here today. Benny and I got soaked on our walk this morning but right after we got home it started raining even harder. I'm crossing my fingers it will let up a bit for the afternoon stroll. Hubby and I have had some special times for sure. We are due to have a quiet year this year because funds are tight but hopefully we can get something fun in. I even think I'd like to walk the GGB again. The picnic on the Canyon rim was pretty amazing. You've got an impressive list of entertainers there too, and your interviews and backstage experiences are way more exciting than my close to the front seats! As always, thanks for taking time from you busy day to chat with me!

  3. Lots of fun experiences Janet, and I hope many more unfold for you in 2020. How lucky you are to be so near the ocean. Rise and set photos over the ocean are some of my favorite.

    1. Hi Deborah. I am lucky to be near the ocean and have not taken advantage of that fact as much as I should. I hope to remedy that this year. It's a great place to go and think!


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