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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Just Jot January - 2020 - Song Lyric Sunday Edition

It is not my "intention" to give everyone a lesson in Italian today but the prompt for #SLS is "La" and I found this song sung by Connie Francis that I really like.  I can remember listening to her when I was young and I have a few of her songs in my iTunes collection so every once in a while those memories come back.

According to Wikipedia, the English translation of Al di la is "Beyond."  I like that word.  Connie Francis changed the English lyrics of the song a bit when she sang it.

La la la la la
Al di lб del bene
Piщ prezioso, ci sei tu
Al di lб del sogno
Piщ ambizioso, ci sei tu
Al di lб delle cose piщ belle
Al di lб delle stelle, ci sei tu
Al di lб, ci sei tu per me
Per me, soltanto per me
Al di la means you are
Far above me, very far
Every star will light
The way above me
To where you are
Just to measure your worth
I'd move heaven and earth
To be near you
You're my life
You're my love
You're my own al di lб
La la la la la
Al di lб della volta infinita
Al di la della vita, ci sei tu
Al di lб ci sei tu per me
La la la la la

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Carlo Donida Labati / Giulio Rapetti Mogol / Motohiro Arai
Al Di La lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group

Lyrics - Jerry Vale sang it this way

Al di la means you are far above me, very far
Al di la, as distant as the lovely evening star
Where you walk flowers bloom
When you smile all the gloom turns to sunshine
And my heart opens wide
When you're gone it fades inside and seems to have died
Al di la, I wondered as I drifted where you were
Al di la, the fog around me lifted, there you were
In the kiss that I gave was the love I had saved for a lifetime
Then I knew all of you was completely mine.

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Carlo Donida Labati / Giulio Rapetti Mogol / Motohiro Arai
Al Di La lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group

I think Connie Francis has a beautiful voice.

And that's my Just Jot January "Intention" and Song Lyric Sunday "La."  How you doing so far this year?


  1. I didn't recognize the song by the lyrics or description but the second I heard it..."ooohh, that song!" 😄

    Not sure if I ever knew the title. Nice choice. 😊

    1. I agree about the title. I found it when I typed LA into my iTunes search bar and thought it might not be one everyone would use for today.

  2. Hi, Janet!

    Connie Francis is one of my favorite artists and I have posted many of her recordings over the years on my two blogs. As you know, Connie recorded a multitude of foreign language albums and singles, and I remember this song, the beautiful italian song 'Al di la." It reminds me of another favorite artist and Italian song "Nel blu, dipinto di blu" (roughly translated, according to Wiki, as " "In the blue [sky] [as I was] painted blue" or "In the blue-painted blue [sky]") Translated to English the song became a hit in 1960 entitled "Volare" for Philadelphia teenage idol Bobby Rydell.

    Let's fly way up to the clouds
    Away from the madd'ning crowds
    We can sing in the glow of a star that I know of
    Where lovers enjoy peace of mind
    Let us leave the confusion and all disillusion behind (yeah yeah yeah all behind)
    Just like birds of a feather
    A rainbow together we'll find

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend Janet!

    1. Oh yes! I remember that one too. I have Dean Martin singing it on my iTunes too. I love those old songs. I used to sing along in Italian when I was growing up. Thanks for sharing that one, Shady.

  3. Connie Francis does have a beautiful and unique voice that you know it's her as soon as you hear the song. This is a beautiful song and glad I listened to it. This is Birgit

    1. Hi Birgit. I agree she has a beautiful voice. She has had an interesting life too.

  4. What a beautiful song! I don't remember ever hearing it before. Thanks for sharing!
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog too, Janet! Happy New Year to you!

    1. Happy New Year to you too, Nancy! Connie Francis has such a pretty voice I think.


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