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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Just Jot January – 2022

Today’s word is “prepare” suggested by Jenny. I might be a little crazy but I am preparing to participate for the 4th time! in the Sketchbook Project. I have three other books in the library at the moment, two of which have been digitalized and one which should be ready to view by the end of March.

The first one was called, “A Smile 4 U From Janet” with the theme of “People I wish I knew.” It contained quotes of people, real and imaginary, that I admire including Stevie Nicks, Alfred Hitchcock, the Kennedys and the Obamas, Agatha Christie and Steve Jobs to name a few. According to the website, that volume has been viewed 1453 times! Not even all by me!

The second one is called “Let The Adventure Begin.” The theme for this was “City Streets.” I dedicated it to my little town of San Bruno because of the explosion that happened when the PG&E pipe burst. It has only been viewed a little over 400 times BUT it was part of the cross country tour that the Sketchbook Project did and so actually came to San Francisco!

The third one hasn’t been uploaded to digital yet because of Covid. The Brooklyn Art Library has a very small staff and with so many participants it takes them a while to scan everyone’s books. I called this one “Just a Thought” and the theme was Thought Box.

The theme choices for Volume 19 are: Piece by Piece, Missed Connections, Tall Tales, Revelations, In Other News, Weight of the World, Drips and Drops, One More Thing, Half-Baked and Comic Book Endings. I am thinking of doing Piece by Piece or Drips and Drops. It is kind of fun to say that I have books in the Brooklyn Art Library but truthfully anyone can do it. Which theme would you pick?

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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Just Jot January – 2022

So I haven’t been exactly following all the prompts in the #JustJoJan series this year. I hope you are understanding. (Thanks Kim).

I am choosing to write about the vision cards I made for this year. My main themes are the same as last year but I’ve used some different wording and the pictures are different.

I really love putting together these cards and going through the magazines and pulling the pictures that speak to me about each area. On the back I have written some of the things I’d like to accomplish this year and by doing so it gives me some direction but also takes the pressure off around the whole “resolutions” thing that happens every January. If I make a list of 5 or 10 things on each card and I get 3 or more done then I consider it a win. When I look at them again in June as I do, if there are some areas that have not gotten as much attention, I know what to focus on for the next six months.

Some folks have more focus areas but I think these about cover most of my everyday life so that’s what I’ve been using. I think I’ve been making these for almost 10 years now and I first got the idea from Jamie Ridler, who is a really great guide for helping you get in touch with yourself and what you want to make with your life. She is also the creator of the Studio Yearbook that I use each season. We are in the Winter one now and it is very helpful for transitioning from one year to the next.

Obviously I am not a great artist, but having the “image” section nudges me to give it a shot. Looking at that, I can clearly remember the night I watched “The Birds” in the studio while I was creating. Similarly, I don’t fill in every box every day, sometimes just choosing a picture like the one of our family Christmas to show what was happening on that day. Still can’t believe that less than a month after that picture was taken mom is gone. Yet I clearly remember that this was the best picture that we took that day because my son said something that made us all smile. Can’t even remember what it was now but we definitely all look happy. Around the circle in the “You” page I wrote a bunch of questions that start with “Tell me why…” like, Tell me why not? Tell me why it’s hard? Tell me why you don’t? Tell me why you feel it.” Etc. I know that kind of stuff is not for everyone but I think it helps me remain grounded and purposeful with the things that I do. We only have one life and I’d like to live the best one I can.

How about you guys? Do you think something like vision cards are easier than making resolutions? Like to collage and play with crayons? Think it’s all a bunch of hokey? Tell me why!

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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Just Jot January – 2022

Well folks I’m back in action again. I bit the bullet and paid for the WP upgrade. Now just try and shut me up – LOL.

Linda’s #JusJoJan prompt by way of Wendy is surviving. I’m surviving the loss of my mom as well as can be expected. I am sure that it will still hit me occasionally but having lots of transcription to do and working in the studio has helped a lot. We are also surviving another hit by the covid demon. Thank goodness all of us are vaccinated. Interestingly it hit the one of the four who was not boosted. I don’t know if we will ever figure out the way this thing seems to pick and choose who to hook on to.

So, since I upgraded, I think I can now add videos to my posts! We had a phenomenon yesterday that rarely happens. I live very close to SFO and the planes are always flying overhead OUT of the airport.

Yesterday they were flying IN to SFO. Makes it a little scarier to see them coming down faster and faster.

I mean, that’s the roof of my studio!

Speaking of the studio, I spent some time there yesterday making some new boxes for Valentine’s Day.

I really like the way they turned out and since I didn’t actually say Valentine’s Day in any of the embellishments, they can be used for all kinds of occasions. They are already listed in the Etsy Shop.

I have two more to do today.

Well, I feel better about spending the money to upgrade already. Now we’ll have to see how the videos simulcast on my Blogger site. Hope you all have an excellent rest of your weekend. Thanks for stopping by. Let me know what you think about the boxes. I’ll be making more for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays. What other occasion can you think of? I’d love ideas.

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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Just Jot January – 2022

Well it’s a good news/bad news day for me today. The good news is that our daughter is doing really well after her jaw surgery. I am so impressed by the fact that she is only having to deal with some rubber bands holding her mouth together and she can remove the bands to brush her teeth and they are wide enough to permit her to use the large syringe without the tubing in order to eat. When I had the surgery done my mouth was completely held together by wires for six weeks and I had to use a tubing at the end of the syringe which I slipped down the side of my cheek toward the back of my mouth. Surgical techniques sure have come a long way! She is not in a lot of pain and while she has had some uncomfortable days, it is going along smoothly.

The bad news is that we lost my mom on Friday. I’m still kind of in shock at how quickly she went, but also grateful that she did not suffer and that she was the one directing the action for the most part. When she was offered ventilation, she refused. She knew the potential consequences and chose not to try the antiviral medication either. When she slipped out of touch with us by not opening her eyes or even acknowledging my sister’s presence we knew she was on her way to be with our dad. It is interesting that January 11 would have been their 80th anniversary. The 17th was the day my dad passed away 40 years ago so I think he called her up to have a second honeymoon.

Of course I thought she was invincible when she walked across the Golden Gate Bridge with us at age 90!

So for the last few days I’ve been working in my studio and listening to Dean Martin and the Rat Pack sing the songs I grew up with. I’ve only cried a couple times. I’ve been getting lots of condolences from friends and I realize that almost everyone has lost at least one if not both of their parents by now so I am extremely grateful for the length of time I have had her and the fact that she was here at Christmas and we had such a good time. She told me that she felt like she was wanted and that she belonged, not like we were just having her as an obligation. That is the best memory. RIP mom. Hope you and dad are dancing to all this music!

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