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Friday, October 18, 2019

Rocktober Music Fest - 2019 - and other October Oddities

I, who take pictures of almost anything for almost any reason, am seriously bad at taking family photos.  I just spent the day with my two sisters, my mom and my niece and got not one.  I think the last time we have all been together was for my older sister's funeral 17 years ago!  Well, it is just an excuse for me to visit again, don't you think?   

In other news, there is a competition currently underway for the new Stream of Consciousness Saturday badge and I'm going to enter!  Here is my take on it:

Like a stream of light you know and all the twinkling stars are the miscellaneous thoughts that float through your head.  At least that's what I was thinking.  It was taken at a Phil Collins concert last year, which leads me to the Rocktober Music Fest entry for today.  (See how I did that?)

Phil Collins has made a lot of music, both with Genesis and on his own.  I recently read his book, "Not Dead Yet" which was also the name of this tour.  It is true he does have health issues and is not able to move around the stage much but he still puts on a great show. 

We saw him when they had the Genesis reunion tour in 2007, although Peter Gabriel was not with them.  

On this tour he has his son with him to play drums and piano.  It was really fun to see them play together and his son is a pretty good drummer!    

Phil is on the second leg of his tour which he has called, "Still Not Dead Yet" and he was at the new Chase Center in San Francisco last night but we didn't go.  The reviews say he shows his age but can still carry the show.  It says he hinted at a Genesis reunion which would be interesting too. 

Here's "You'll Be In My Heart" from when my son and I saw him last year.

My mom doesn't read my blog or even get on a computer but I hope she knows that even though she is far away from me now, she'll always be in my heart too!

What do you think of my badge?  Have you seen Phil lately?  Share!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Rocktober Music Fest - 2019 - Moondance

For the #RMF today I am straying a bit from artists that we have seen in concert and am choosing Van Morrison's "Moondance" in honor of the Hunter's Moon that we had last night and my word of the year, which is Dance.

Here are a couple of shots I captured.  There is a 3 day window for the magic of the full moon.  The first shot I got on Saturday night.

I love the colors it made in the twilight sky.  That is no filter.

These are from last night.  

This one I was using the "creative effect" on the camera.

I love the orange in this one.  It is what the moon really looked like for a while. 

The Hunter's Moon is a call to action.  It is time to take charge and make your move.  I know I haven't really been focusing on my word of the year as much as I wanted to.  Gotta get some more dancing in somehow. 

Did you dance in the light of the moon last night?  Make your wishes to the Universe?  You still have a chance since tonight's moon will hold the power as well.  Go for it.      

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Rocktober Music Fest - 2019 - Song Lyric Sunday and other October Oddities

In this week's #SLS installment, Jim gives us Drifter/Loner/Transient/Vagabond.  I immediately thought of Rod Stewart and his Vagabond Heart album. 

We've seen Rod Stewart a couple of times and he really puts on a great show.  He even kicks signed soccer balls out into the crowd and the hubby almost caught one!  There were a couple of people sitting next to us on the way home who managed to grab one and they let Bill hold them so I could take a picture.

Such energy he has, even at his age.  

He tells lots of stories during the show too.  

His autobiography is very interesting.  He spent a lot of time fixing his hair - LOL.  Just recently he announced that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer in February 2016.  As of right now he is okay after treatment and is encouraging men to get checked. 

Rhythm of My Heart
Across the street the river runs
Down in the gutter life is slipping away
Let me still exist in another place
Running down under cover
Of a helicopter blade
The flames are getting higher
In effigy
Burning down the bridges of my memory
Love may still alive
Somewhere someday
Where they're downing only deer
A hundred steel towns away
Oh, rhythm of my heart
Is beating like a drum
With the words I love you
Rolling off my tongue
No never will I roam
For I know my place is home
Where the ocean meets the sky
I'll be sailing
Photographs and kerosene
Light up my darkness
Light it up
Light it up
I can still feel the touch
Of your thin blue jeans
Running down the alley
I've got my eyes all over you, baby
Oh, baby
Oh, the rhythm of my heart
Is beating like a drum
With the words I love you
Rolling off my tongue
No never will I roam
For I know my place is home
Where the ocean meets the sky
I'll be sailing
Oh, yeah
Oh, I've got lightning in my veins
Shifting like the handle
Of a slot machine
Love may still exist
In another place
I'm just yanking back the handle
No expression on my face
Oh, the rhythm of my heart
Is beating like a drum
With the words I love you
Rolling off my tongue
No never will I roam
For I know my place is home
Where the ocean meets the sky
I'll be sailing
Oh, the rhythm of my heart
Is beating like a drum
With the words I love you
Rolling off my tongue
No never will I roam
For I know my place is home
Where the ocean meets the sky
I'll be sailing
The rhythm of my heart
Is beating like a drum
With the words I love you rolling off my tongue
No never will I roam
For I know my place is home
Where the ocean meets the sky
I'll be sailing
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Marc Jordan / John Joseph Capek
Rhythm of My Heart lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group

The lyrics talk about where the ocean meets the sky and that is one of my favorite places to be too!

Are you a vagabond at heart?  I like to let my mind wander but definitely need a home to come back to.  Happy Sunday all. 

Don't forget to visit the other Rocktober Music Fest participants too!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Rocktober Music Fest - 2019 - #SoCS Ground and other October Oddities.

The prompt from Linda for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is the word "Ground."  I've got the perfect link to the #RMF! 

A couple of years ago we saw Nickelback in concert.  They put on a great visual show. 

We went to my mom's old apartment today and took out the last of the big pieces of furniture.  There are just a few boxes left for me to get out of there.  Ground zero:

This is where the swimming pool used to be.

Here's Burn It To The Ground:

I don't want to burn the old apartment to the ground of course.  Glad I have taken some pictures there over the years!  Maybe I'll put together a scrapbook album for my mom for Christmas.  I know she just got rid of a ton of stuff that she said she didn't want anymore but she doesn't have any pictures of the places she has lived and if it is just a small album, maybe she's enjoy it and it won't take up too much space.  I'll have to think about that. 

Happy Saturday all :) 


Thursday, October 10, 2019

Rocktober Music Fest - 2019 and other October Oddities - Big Love

It's Day 10 in the Rocktober Music Fest and I'm going to keep it simple after yesterday's sad post. 

Fleetwood Mac has been around for a long time and anyone who follows them knows that Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham have had an ongoing "relationship."  At first it was as a couple and when that didn't work it was a "strained" relationship at the very least.  It got so bad that Lindsey is no longer with the group. 

We saw him perform at the Palace of Fine Arts last year.  He is one of my husband's favorites so we splurged and for the first time got VIP seats.  No "Meet and Greet" but some other cool swag:

They wouldn't let us take pictures and I almost got in trouble with one of the ushers but I managed to sneak this one.

A scrapbook page I made from one of the times we saw him with Fleetwood.  

Shortly after we saw him he had to have emergency heart surgery.  They said that he may not be able to sing again.  I saw online that he recently performed at his daughter's high school graduation.  Bet that was an emotional experience for both of them.  The clip only shows him playing the guitar.

I'm sending you some "Big Love" by way of Mr. Buckingham from 2013. 

Have a marvelous Thursday. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Rocktober Music Fest - 2019 - Bon Jovi - Live Before You Die and other October Oddities

We heard the other day about the sudden passing of one of the guys who golfs in the tournament with my husband every September.  That means we just saw him last month.  He was perfectly fine.  He has even won the tournament a few times, although not this time. 

Apparently last Wednesday there was a freak accident and he fell.  Emergency surgery was done but he was paralyzed from the neck down.  He was able to shrug his shoulders and perhaps move a finger.  He developed pneumonia and said he felt like he was drowning.  The doctors told him that would happen a lot since he would not be able to exercise to clear his lungs.  He didn't want to live like that.  His wife didn't want to let him go.  On Sunday he died.  Four days and gone.  I cannot imagine. 

Makes you wonder.  Here I was moving my 96-year-old mother 100 miles away from me to start a "new life" at the same time as this 60-ish-year-old man lost his.  We truly have no control. 

So, for today's #RMF I've chosen Bon Jovi's "Live Before You Die." 

Live Before You Die
I was a little boy of 9 years old
The whole world in my hands
Trying to toss that ball across the yard
A game of catch with my old man
He would always say I'm sorry
Every time he had to leave
And I was much too young to understand
When he would say to me
When you're young, you always think
The sun is gonna shine
There will come a day when you have to say hello to goodbye
Sit down son come take my hand
Look me in the eye
Take these words, promise me
You'll live before you die
I was barely seventeen, summer of seventy-nine
Already I was feeling like I was running out of time
I had this girl, we fell in love
Or should I say that she had me
That fateful night changed our lives
And made a memory
When you're young, you always think
The sun is gonna to shine
There will come a day when you have to say hello to goodbye
She laid me down, she took my hand
Looked me in the eye
And just before she kissed me she said
You gotta live before you die
Live before you die
You learn to love, to live
You fight and you forgive
You learn what's wrong and right
You live before you die
I've made mistakes, I've caught some breaks
But I got no regrets
There's some things I don't remember
But one thing I don't forget
When you're young, you always think
The sun is gonna shine
One day you're going to have to say hello to goodbye
Shout it out, let someone somewhere know you're alive
Take these words wear 'em well
Live before you die
Live before you die
Live before you die
You learn to love, to live
You fight and you forgive
You face the darkest night
Just live before you die
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Richie Sambora / Jon Bon Jovi
Live Before You Die lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

Hug your family and friends.  Tell them you love them.  Live life without regrets.  Smile a lot.  Be kind.  You never know.   

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Rocktober Music Fest - 2019 - and other October Oddities - Moving

You may (or may not) have noticed I skipped a couple of days in the Rocktober Music Fest.  I was helping my mom move from her apartment to a new home with my younger sister.  It was kind of an emotional experience because mom has lived in this apartment for 37 years, longer than she lived in any of her other homes.  Longer than she and my dad lived the house in which I grew up.  Her apartment was five minutes from us.  She is going to be an hour and a half away now.  I know I won't see her as often as I am used to.  She won't be spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with us every year. 

I know that it is time for her to be with someone on a more full time basis as she has had some medical issues in the last couple of years that make living on her own not a great idea.  I am grateful that my sister has room for her in her new house.  I should be relieved because now the emergency room visits, trips to the library and grocery shopping will be someone else's responsibility.   

Locking the door of #8 one last time.

Putting on a smile
Still, I am thankful for the last few months since mom has needed me to take her places and do things for her.  It made me happy to think that I could try to repay her in some small way for all of the things she did for me and my family.  She watched all three of our children when they were babies and took them to school when they got older.  She lent us her car or, more specifically she drove me to work every day, when we were a one car family.  She let us come and swim in the pool at the apartment complex during the summer and even let us use her shower when our bathroom was being remodeled.

If it is hard for me, imagine what it must be like for her!  She is having to get used to not driving herself wherever she wants to go, living in a new city, living with someone again, and having to get used to a dog!  My sister and her husband are strict vegans as well so mom is going to need to learn a new way of eating.  I'm sure there will be more activity for her though as my sister has her kids living close by so there are grandchildren and great grandchildren for my mom to enjoy.  At 96 though, and as someone who is very set in her ways and used to her independence, it will definitely be a new journey.  

Which leads me to the #RMF.  I've chosen Journey for today.  We have seen them multiple times although, sadly, not with Steve Perry.  I was wishing that when they performed in San Francisco they could have persuaded Steve to come and sing a song with them but it was not to be.  This is from 2016. 

Neal Schon does one of the best versions of the Star Spangled Banner I've ever heard.

Neal Schon

Arnel Pineda

Ross Valory

Jonathan Cain

Steve Smith
And the song is Don't Stop Believing.  

Because I have to believe that mom (and I) will be okay.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Rocktober Music Fest - 2019 - and other October Oddities - Rock Paper Scissors and World Card Making Day

I hope I did a reasonably good job of connecting yesterday's World Smile Day and the Rocktober Music Fest with James Taylor and "Your Smiling Face."

Today I have triple duty with the #RMF, World Card Making Day and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt of "-tast-"   Let's see...

Looking back on our concerts, I found the Rock Paper Scissors tour done by Peter Gabriel and Sting in 2016!

I wasn't so sure about this one because while I like Genesis (the band Peter Gabriel was with) and The Police (the band Sting was with) and there are a few of their individual songs that I like, I didn't know what a concert with just the two of them would be like. 

To top it off, when I was reading about the tour, it said that Peter would be singing some of Sting's songs and vice versa.

                                                                                                                                                  You know how it is when you are used to a song a certain way and when someone else sings it, it's not quite right?   

Actually it turned out to be a very good show.  Not "fantastic" and not sure that I would see them again but glad we did this time.  

A bit of the concert, one of my favorites, "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic."

So, with Rock, Paper and Scissors I can connect to World Card Making Day because I listen to Rock while I work with Paper and Scissors to make my cards.  This is what I am working on right now in preparation for the holidays:

Some new gift card holders.  They'll soon be up in the Etsy Shop.  So, how'd I do?  Was I able to connect all three reasonably?  Happy Saturday everyone.