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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Just Jot January - 2020 - Stream of Consciousness Edition

We have an unusual task today from Lovely Linda:  The prompt is "Movie Title" and we are to take the title of the last movie we saw and use it in the post.  Not the plot of the story, just the title. 

It has been really cold here lately and I have been staying inside rather than going to the studio at night, even though I got a cool new heater for Christmas.  It takes a while to warm the space up and then it's late so after dinner I've been watching some movies with the hubs.  Last night it was "Triple Frontier" via Netflix. 

I am so ready for baseball it's not funny.  I know our team (the SF Giants) has just gone into a new frontier with being the first team in MLB to hire a female assistant coach, Alyssa Nakken.  While she probably won't be in uniform on the field (they are limited to 7 coaches) her role, as I understand it, will be more of a "make the clubhouse a happy place" kind of thing.  That, at least, is my interpretation of her position. 

Gabe Kapler (our new manager) said part of her role is to help "build a winning culture in the clubhouse" and to "focus on fostering a clubhouse culture that promotes high performance through...a deep sense of collaboration and team."  We have been on a several year losing streak after winning three World Series rings in five years and there are a lot of other big changes this year (manager Bruce Bochy retired and we lost our Madison Bumgarner - I may have to root for the Arizona Diamondbacks once in a while).   I was reading some of the info on her and she was just awarded the 2019 "Sprinkles of Love" award for her ethics, professionalism and humanitarianism.  Anyone who gets "sprinkles" is worth a try in my book.

"Friends" night.  Giants players and their wives recreated the opening from the "Friends" show.  It was really cute.

However, the cynic in me has some reservations about this.  There have been a few instances recently in the Giants organization that have been questionable.  Mr. Kapler was involved in a controversial incident when he was a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers organization regarding coverup of an assault allegation.  Larry Baer (CEO) was suspended and had to undergo some counseling regarding an altercation between he and his wife.  I wonder if this might be a way the Giants are trying to get people to focus on the new rather than the old. 

From the last game managed by Bruce Bochy

We had a feeling this would be Madison's last at bat as a Giant.

On the other hand, the Giants charted a new frontier in 1994 by being the first professional sports franchise to play an AIDS/HIV awareness game and, while not as socially noteworthy, were the first team to have three brothers play together in the outfield (Felipe, Matty and Jesus Alou in 1963) so maybe it's just the Giants being innovative.  I think if Ms. Nakken can inspire the guys to get a few more triples, it will be worth it.  Let's go Giants!   

My favorite, Brandon Crawford

Me with the trophies.  I am actually not standing between them, this is a reflection off the glass.  Pretty cool huh?

And that's your #SoCS and #JusJoJan for today.  Are you ready for baseball? 


  1. Hi, Janet!

    I just watched the trailer for Ben Affleck's Triple Frontier. It looks plenty exciting. I hope your Giants turn it around and go all the way this year. I applaud your team for being the first in the majors to hire a female assistant coach and for being the first pro sports franchise to play an AIDS/HIV awareness game.

    Mrs. Shady likes baseball more than I do. However, I played the sport in my youth. I was a left-handed pitcher and first baseman in the boys' 8 to 12 league and played on a team sponsored by the Fraternal Order of Eagles in a 13 to 15 league. Growing up in Central Pennsylvania, I attended Philadelphia Phillies and Baltimore Orioles games, and my dad and I also supported our local minor league team the York White Roses. In Central Florida, where I now live, people attend Grapefruit League games and watch big league stars and up-and-comers in action at their winter headquarters. Our region is home to the following major league teams who have spring training camps near us: Atlanta Braves, Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays, Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox.

    Janet, beginning Tuesday, I need to take a three week blogging hiatus so that Mrs. Shady and I can move to our new location across the state. I hope to be back to blogging and back to visiting your blog before Valentine's Day. If I don't see you again before my break, take good care of yourself and Benny, dear friend.

    1. Happy Sunday! My husband is a Pittsburgh Pirates fan because of his love for Roberto Clemente. When they come to play the Giants, he wears two jerseys and changes them between innings. It is quite amusing to the people around us. We were on the edge of our seats for a lot of the Triple Frontier movie because we just knew something had to happen to them, we just didn't know what or when. I think you would enjoy it. Moving across the state sounds both exciting and (at my age) exhausting. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and let me know. Have a safe trip and take care of yourself and the Mrs!


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