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Monday, January 6, 2020

Just Jot January - 2020 - Possibility

Today's #JusJoJan prompt of Possibility comes from our friend, Jill at J-Dubs Grin and Bear It.  Thanks Jill!

There is a possibility that I may miss a post here or there this month.  Of course I'm going to do my best to make them all but you know how things go. 

I have just finished Haunted House Ghost, the signed book I won from James J. Cudney and now I am going through the reading challenges to find my next book.  There are so many possibilities, especially because I want to be able to scratch off one of the books on my new poster too.

And I have all the books that I got at the library sales.

Not to mention the books that I already had that I want to get rid of but feel I have to read many possibilities my mind is swimming.  I'll let you know what I finally come up with! 



  1. I've set myself a target of reading some books on my TBR shelf this year. Actually it's a pile in my bedroom so it definitely needs some work on it! lol.

    1. I wrote down the titles of all the books I have floating around the house. Hopefully it will make it easier for me to get to them!


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