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Sunday, November 13, 2016

A November to Remember

November 13 - Cherished Memory #13

Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge

Most of my memories so far have been of things that happened when I was young, but I am happy to say that I am still making cherished memories!  This one happened last year when I turned 60.  I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area my entire life and yet there are still a few things I have not done, I've never been in Chinatown, for one.

Our youngest daughter started going to school in Sonoma State and we began making several trips across the Golden Gate Bridge.  It occurred to me that I had never walked across the bridge.  Thousands of people have come from far and wide to do just that and here it was in my own backyard.  I decided that is what I wanted to do for my 60th birthday.  I told the family and they, and some friends, came along.

We started off by driving across the bridge to park on the Sausalito side.  There was more parking there and after we walked across, we were going to head to Sausalito to have brunch.

Once in the parking lot, we had to begin the adventure with champagne and orange juice.  After all, it was my 60th birthday celebration.



And then we started the walk.  Even my mom, at 92 years old, walked with us.  She had never done it either.  She brought along a walker, but other than to rest a bit halfway through, she didn't really need it.

And we begin

Mom and her walker.

There were lots of things to see along the way...the boats that were going by under the bridge...

A view of the city...

And Alcatraz Island.  That's another thing I have never seen, maybe another birthday trip?

 The Palace of Fine Arts...

And then we made it to the other side.  They have a special viewing area and some of the history of the bridge...and bathrooms!  It was a pretty long walk!

After a little rest it was time to start the way back.  This is looking from the San Francisco side to the Sausalito side.

Some more interesting things to see are all the locks that people have put on the fence to signify special events.  I am imagining they got engaged at that spot or something.  If I had known about this before, I might have had a lock engraved with my name and the date on it so commemorate my birthday walk.  

And right in the middle is a plaque, this is our country!  

One of my son's friends knew the security guard who was patrolling and he was kind enough to take our picture.


 When we were done with the walk we got in our cars and went to Sausalito and had burgers at the Napa Valley Burger Company.

All in all it was a wonderful way to spend a birthday.


  1. 92, and she walked across the Golden Gate Bridge? Cool! I see she has one of those wheel walkers. Does she like it?

    1. She rented it for that day because she didn't want to get started across the bridge and realize she couldn't make it. She doesn't usually use any kind of walking aid. As we were walking, she realized she didn't need it and, in fact, it was holding her back! She did use the chair part of it once on the way back but that was more because she needed to have something to eat (she has diabetes) than because she needed to actually rest. She is amazing! Still driving at 93 (although I try not to think about that too much - it scares me). Thanks for stopping by, John.


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