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Saturday, April 25, 2020

A to Z Challenge - 2020 - VIP

While we are in the Loyalty Club at the Mountain Winery and can get advanced tickets which leads to closer seats, we've never actually paid extra to get VIP seating until Lindsey Buckingham came to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.  Fleetwood Mac is one of our favorite groups and we've seen them several times over the years.  We've seen Stevie Nicks (my muse and the letter "N" in 2017's A to Z) in solo performances but my husband's favorite is Lindsey and up until now we've never seen him perform alone.  We also had never been to any kind of show at the Palace of Fine Arts so when the opportunity came, we splurged a bit to get VIP seating.  It was not a meet and greet experience but we were seated in the 5th row.  There was also some pretty neat swag given away and we got to enter the venue before the commoners - LOL.

I decided to go with a set of papers called Handmade Memories.  It is from my favorite Paper Wishes and had a free download of tags and embellishments to match it.

We got some great pictures in front of the Palace of Fine Arts.  Turns out we parked at the back of the building so we had to walk all the way around.  I took shots from all different angles.  When we got to the front entrance we were able to go in and waited in a short line for our VIP goodies.  I had some salmon hors d'oeuvres that were delish.

I took the VIP badge they gave us, added some ribbon and attached it to a frame.

I loved the look of the buttons so I added some real ones on top.  

I think this butterfly matches pretty well, don't you?  

The bad news is that once we were at our really great seats, we were told there was NO PICTURE TAKING!  I was so disappointed and almost got in trouble trying to sneak a few.  Really, the usher was standing close to where we were and kept a watchful eye over the audience.  I was not the only one trying to take a shot.  We got our selfie in but even that's not a great one.  We were trying to get the stage behind us.  Frustrating to be so close and not be able to sneak good pictures!

We may not have had a meet and greet but we did get Lindsey's autograph and a really neat journal.  

Even at the end of the show when I wasn't so worried about getting kicked out I still couldn't get a good shot of the band taking their bow. 

He is a really talented guitar player and it is amazing that he does all that finger work with no pick.  

There was a pretty decent write up in the paper and so I cut that out to add to the event.  It talks about the breakup between Lindsey and Fleetwood Mac that had happened earlier in the year.  Interestingly, a few months after we saw him, Lindsey had a heart attack and during the surgery his vocal cords were damaged.  They did not know if he would be able to sing again but he announced earlier this year that he would tour again.  Hopefully he will be able to.  

Here's how it looks in the book.  

My husband's favorite song is "Big Love."  While he did perform this when we saw him at the Palace of Fine Arts, this version is from when he was still with Fleetwood Mac from their tour in 2013. 

Okay!  Tomorrow is a break day and then we have four more letters.  Can she do it?  Side note, Blogger seems to be having some technical difficulties at the moment so if you can't see some of the pictures, you can always check out my blog on Wordpress.    Have a great rest of your weekend. 


  1. Hi, Janet!

    Gosh, dear friend, I've been checking your site all day and was beginning to think you didn't have a post for "V" day! It's almost my bedtime here on the east coast. :) If you did have a "V" post, I suspected you might have seen a Frankie Valli show. Instead it is exciting to read about the time you and your hubby splurged for VIP seating to see Lindsey Buckingham live. I too am a fan of Fleetwood Mac! If you haven't yet seen it, check out Stevie Nicks' acting and singing performances in the "Coven" season of American Horror Story. She is indeed a witchy woman! Stevie came to Tampa Bay in the 80s at the peak of her solo career and I produced promos for her show.

    The Palace of Fine Arts looks majestic. Your papers and layouts are handsome and befitting Lindsey B, and the VIP badge, real buttons, butterfly and ribbons look fantastic! I'm sorry to learn that your VIP treatment did not include picture taking. That must have been a huge disappointment indeed. I didn't know about Lindsey's heart attack and damage to his vocal cords during surgery. I hope he can stage a comeback. I am sure his fan base will remain intact regardless.

    I can see your pictures just fine, and will be running alongside you as you burst through the tape and cross the finish line next week. Meanwhile, enjoy your one day break. I'll see you Monday, dear friend Janet!

    1. My dear friend, I am so sorry to make you wait all day in suspense. In point of fact, we did see Frankie Valli but those pictures are even worse than the ones of Lindsey Buckingham and I really wanted to tell the VIP story. I may have another 26 artists that I can showcase if I do this type of A to Z again. Of course I'd have to be creative with the titles again.

      Stevie is my absolute all time favorite and I would definitely pay for VIP - maybe even meet and greet - if we could afford it. I didn't watch American Horror story but I read that she had a blast doing it.

      I am glad you can see the photos. I do think Blogger is having an issue. Have a great rest of your weekend!

  2. Your artwork lives up to the VIP status :) Strange, I can see all your pictures fine but someone commented about a missing picture on one of my posts too.

    1. Wendy, thanks for the compliment. I went back after I got the comment that the pictures weren't there and sure enough I couldn't see them either. Hopefully Blogger will get the glitch fixed.

  3. Pretty album, love those tags and embellishments!

    1. Thanks Frederique. I really love the way this came out too. The fact that the tags are a free download is such a bonus!

  4. I love the pictures in front of the Palace of Fine Arts... and the embellishments are wonderful.

    1. It was gorgeous and we definitely would go back to see another show there.


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