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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

A to Z Challenge - 2020 - Santana

San Francisco Fest in September 2016 was supposed to be like the old Day on the Green concerts they used to do in Oakland back when Bill Graham was alive.  It was almost an all day affair, starting at three in the afternoon.  Tower of Power opened, followed by the Doobie Brothers, then by Steve Miller, Santana next and finally Journey.  I suppose I could use San Francisco Fest as my "S" but I'm going to stick to just Santana.

I used a set of papers called Happy Days from Paper Wishes.  

I thought the bright chevron paper really matched the Santana picture.

This collection has the free download tags and embellishments and also a sheet of 3-D labels. 

I put the first two pages together.  The Happy Day emblem is from the 3-D cutouts.

Carlos Santana's wife is one of the drummers and she really got into it.  There was an exhausting drum solo (looked exhausting for her anyway and actually I thought it went on just a little too long).  I had a red guitar which kind of matches Carlos'.

I have a lot of extras to go with this show.  There was a pamphlet that they gave out telling the times of the shows and a history of the Day on the Green Festivals

I even have a review from the paper the next day and some confetti that they shot out at the end of the show.

Here's the setlist:

Here is Maria Maria:

There's "S."  One week left to go!  Thanks for coming along with me!


  1. Hi, Janet!

    How are you today, dear friend? How's my buddy Benny? You haven't mentioned my favorite pooch in a while.

    For your "S" act I was predicting Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs. :) But seriously, I love Santana. I remember rushing out and buying his (his band's) eponymous 1969 album my junior year of college because I kept hearing "Jingo" and "Evil Ways" played on the campus radio station and because the album started showing up in my friends' dorm rooms and at off campus parties. Every song on that first album is a gem, and so it went with most or all of their subsequent releases through the years.

    I wish I lived in your Bay area instead of my Bay area. I would enjoy attending the Day on the Green Festivals. The event featured performances by some great bands over the years, didn't it? I admire your brightly colored Happy Days paper. It goes well with the Santana logo and pictures. It's interesting that Carlos' wife is the drummer for his touring act. I was a drummer in elementary and high school and for a brief period I played in a local garage rock band. As much as I admire other drummers, I don't care for those indulgent extended drum solos either. I notice Santana's set list did not include their hit single "Everybody's Everything." I and my fellow Dell rats frowned upon that release because it was basically a cover (and rip-off, we say) of the novelty dance single "Karate" released in 1966 by our hometown heroes The Emperors of Harrisburg, PA. I enjoyed the clip of the Santana band performing "Maria Maria." Do you have most of their material in your collection? Do you have an extensive music collection or do you prefer to attend live shows instead?

    Thanks, Janet. Have a "S"uper day and I'll see you "T"amale!

    1. Good day my friend. Benny is doing really well. I realized today as we were taking our morning walk that we have almost had him a year, since he was my Mother's Day present last year. Time to get him in for his rabies shot. I think we've adjusted pretty well to each other, him being my first dog. It is interesting that I went to one Day on the Green in 1982 with my husband when we first started dating but then didn't go to any more. Our concert days didn't really start until 2006. I've been making up for lost time. I wish we had seen some of those other shows.

      As far as my music collection, we have quite a few LPs in the garage because we don't have a player in the house but most of my music is on my computer in iTunes (or Apple Music). My taste is very eclectic and I can go anywhere from Dean Martin to OutKast - LOL. That's why I love just putting the music on shuffle -- I never know where I'll end up. Thanks for taking the time to visit again today, Shady. I've got a special one for tomorrow!


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