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Monday, April 6, 2020

A to Z Challenge - 2020 - ELO

ELO is my contribution for the letter "E" this year.  It is another one of those bands that I kind of forget about until I hear the music and then realize I love the songs!

For this set of pages I decided to go with a watercolor collection because I knew the pictures were going to be very colorful on their own and I didn't want the background pattern to take away from that.  This is a pack of paper I got from Michaels. 

I also went through the rest of my papers and found one or two that would coordinate.

It is the "Electric Light Orchestra" and when I found this purple and yellow paper it reminded me of the flashing lights.  

I used some glitter letters for the title and then went around the border with some Stickles glitter.  

The opening act was Dhani Harrison and we were hoping that he would sing some of his father's songs but he did not.  The performance he did with Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty and Prince of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" is just fantastic and that would have been our pick.  He does look like his dad, although I had a hard time getting a good picture without the microphone in front of his face!  He did come out during Jeff Lynne's set and sing a song from the Traveling Wilbury's, "Handle With Care."   

I decided to use this punch to trim the edges of the pictures.  I think it carries the theme of the light show with the color of the papers showing through.

I used a lot of Dazzles stickers and some paper accents to finish up the pages.

Check out those flying drumsticks! 

Although sometimes it is a sad one, I do agree that life is a song to be sung.

The light show was absolutely amazing and the colors were gorgeous.  

I put some beaded bling across the top of this page.  It's hard to tell but it is purple and green.  See how the lights kind of look like bubbles to match the punched corners?

I thought this flowered gem went great on this page.  

The tickets were on our phones so I took a screenshot of it.  Since it has the time, 8:40 PM, that was another way to document the night.  I even did a printout of the seating chart.  I put a little blue line where our seats were in Section 1.

Definitely went into my bling stash a lot.  That's another benefit, I guess, of not being able to go shopping during this time.  I am using a lot of supplies that I have had around for a long time.

I like this stencil of the musical notes and I am trying to put something different in each layout so I used it here.  

Came out pretty good, don't you think?

Bonus is that the page itself has some smudgy images so if I had made a mistake with the stencil you probably wouldn't be able to tell!  (I didn't!)

Even though I don't always like my own handwriting, I wrote the setlist out.  I'm okay with it. 

Managed to get them taking their bow and used some washi tape under it.  

Here are the spreads as they look in the album.

A bit of the light show from "Shine a Little Love."  I have seen them give a warning to people who might be affected by flashing lights such as epileptics so if that might be you, don't watch please.  I wouldn't want to be responsible for anyone passing out.

Here is "Telephone Line."

All music rights to Jeff Lynne and ELO of course.

It was a great show!  And so we begin our second week of the A to Z.  Are you having fun?  Have you seen ELO?  Do flashing lights bother you?  See you tomorrow with "F." 


  1. I love this Sea Pearls punch! Beautiful scrapbook album. Flashing lights don't bother, so I watched the videos ;)

    E is for Embroirery

    1. Thanks Frederique! It was amazing to see live.

  2. Hi, Janet!

    I predicted your "E" post would feature Jeff Lynne's ELO. Mrs. Shady is a lot like you. She is crafty and practically lives at our local Michaels store. As you might recall we moved recently. The closest Michaels used to be only a mile away. Now it is a good 20 minute drive across town, yet she still makes the pilgrimage regularly to buy their wares. You made an excellent choice to use their watercolor collection for your backgrounds along with compatible papers you already had on hand. The layouts look wonderful and, as always, your pictures are top notch, making these undoubtedly some of the most beautiful scrapbook pages in your entire library. It's a shame that George Harrison's son didn't do any of his famous dad's hits. You're right. He looks like George. You did a great job of conveying the electricity in the air at the show. I enjoyed watching and listening to the clips of "Shine a Little Love" and "Telephone Line." I am always delightfully dazzled by light shows, not bothered by them. Now I am suddenly reminded of song lyrics:

    Coloured lights can hypnotize
    Sparkle someone else's eyes

    (Maybe your "G" band is Guess Who?)

    If I'd been there at the SAP Center in San Jose, I'm sure I would have been swept away on a magic carpet ride back to some of the most exciting years of my life as my senses became overloaded by the awesome ELO sight and sound experience.

    Stay safe and well, dear friend Janet, and I'll see you tamale when you salute Freddy Fender (or maybe not).

  3. Thanks again, Shady, for your kind words. I am afraid neither of your guesses are included in my A to Z, although I do like some of their songs. I don't consider my scrapbooking as "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights" although sometimes my husband does - LOL - not really. Colored lights can certainly hypnotize. That's a great quote for this experience. I live between two Michael's stores, each about 10 or 15 minutes away. I have to practice real restraint! Stay healthy my friend!

  4. I'm thinking a subtitle for your E post is extensive bling. :-) Nice job.

  5. Flashing lights only bother me when they herald an oncoming migraine but they are a vision thing. Fortunately actual flashing lights do not trigger migraines or anything else. Another great memory you've created.

    1. I get those auras before migraines too, Wendy. Haven't had one in a while though, thank goodness.

  6. I love ELO and never had the chance to see them in concert. I have almost all their albums and listen to them. Great set up again


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