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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Rocktober Music Fest - 2019 and Song Lyric Sunday - Finally Found a Home

Today we have Huey Lewis and the News to help us with Rocktober Music Fest and Song Lyric Sunday's prompt of Hide/Seek/Lost/Found.  Thanks Mary and Jim for hosting these fun challenges.

The first time we saw Huey Lewis was when I won tickets from a radio station.  I had never won anything before but this was a relatively new station and the way to enter was just by sending in your email address so it seemed simple enough.  I came home from serving jury duty one day to find the tickets in the mail.  I think that this is when the concert bug bit me and there's been no turning back ever since.

The seats were in the second level and we had to drive about an hour and a half to get there but it was worth it.  Interestingly, Huey Lewis was the opening act for Chicago and they stole the show in our opinion.  We actually left early because Chicago just wasn't doing it for us.  In fact, the best reaction Chicago got from the audience was when they brought Huey back out to sing with them! I also realized that I needed a better camera if I was going to be able to take decent pictures. 

The next time was at the Mountain Winery which is one of our favorite places.  This time Dwight Clark of the 49ers was there and came up on stage to sing "Hip to Be Square" with the band.

Some of the 49ers had actually sung the chorus on the original song.  Not being a football fan and especially not a niner fan, I wasn't that impressed but the rest of the crowd went wild.

I think of all the times we've seen Huey and his band, the best time had to be when they did the entire Sports album at the Mountain Winery.

The worst performance was also at the Winery and it was the last time we saw them.  Uncharacteristically it rained and the show had to be stopped for 45 minutes.

When the band finally came back out they told us they only had time for a few more songs because of the curfew and asked if we wanted to hear some new songs or the oldies.  I'm pretty sure the crowd shouted for the oldies but instead they did some new tunes.  We were not impressed and have chosen not to see them again. 

Huey Lewis has had to stop touring because of some hearing loss but I just read that they released a song from that latest album "Soulsville" which was put out in 2010 and that they are planning to release a new album in 2020 with songs that were recorded before his hearing issues.

The song for today is "Finally Found a Home."

We only have a few more days of the Rocktober Music Fest and I don't know about you but I have been having a great time playing along and catching some really great music from the other participants as well.  What are we going to do for November? 

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