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Friday, October 4, 2019

Rocktober Music Fest and other October Oddities - 2019 - World Smile Day and James Taylor

Today happens to be World Smile Day.  I found out about the special day last year after the fact.  I was determined not to let it get by me this year because, after all, my blog is called Janet's Smiles and my business is A Smile 4U from Janet! 

I wondered how I was going to incorporate this with Rocktober so I started looking through my music videos and came upon this one:  Your Smiling Face by James Taylor.  We saw him in 2017 with Bonnie Raitt in San Francisco at AT&T (now Oracle) Park.

Here are our smiling faces:

And some other people smiling:

Bonnie Raitt

Bonnie Raitt and James Taylor

This one makes me laugh.

So, the premise of World Smile Day is exactly what I try to do every day.  Make at least one person smile.  It actually began in 1963 with Harvey Ball, a commercial artist who designed the first "smiley face."  His goal was to dedicate one day a year to smiling and performing acts of kindness.

The celebration of the day started in 1999 on the first Friday in October.  No matter what bad things are happening in the world, today is a day to share some compassion, to help lessen the stress and brighten someone's day.  Try it and see what happens.  It won't hurt, I promise.   :)

Here's a bit of James Taylor singing "Your Smiling Face" from the concert:

Pass those smiles out freely today.  See how many times you can make someone smile back at you and let me know!  Here's mine. 

Did it work?  Click the link to go to Mary's site and see what she and the other #RMF rockers are talking about today!

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