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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Rocktober Music Fest - 2019 and other October Oddities - Big Love

It's Day 10 in the Rocktober Music Fest and I'm going to keep it simple after yesterday's sad post. 

Fleetwood Mac has been around for a long time and anyone who follows them knows that Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham have had an ongoing "relationship."  At first it was as a couple and when that didn't work it was a "strained" relationship at the very least.  It got so bad that Lindsey is no longer with the group. 

We saw him perform at the Palace of Fine Arts last year.  He is one of my husband's favorites so we splurged and for the first time got VIP seats.  No "Meet and Greet" but some other cool swag:

They wouldn't let us take pictures and I almost got in trouble with one of the ushers but I managed to sneak this one.

A scrapbook page I made from one of the times we saw him with Fleetwood.  

Shortly after we saw him he had to have emergency heart surgery.  They said that he may not be able to sing again.  I saw online that he recently performed at his daughter's high school graduation.  Bet that was an emotional experience for both of them.  The clip only shows him playing the guitar.

I'm sending you some "Big Love" by way of Mr. Buckingham from 2013. 

Have a marvelous Thursday. 

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