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Friday, October 18, 2019

Rocktober Music Fest - 2019 - and other October Oddities

I, who take pictures of almost anything for almost any reason, am seriously bad at taking family photos.  I just spent the day with my two sisters, my mom and my niece and got not one.  I think the last time we have all been together was for my older sister's funeral 17 years ago!  Well, it is just an excuse for me to visit again, don't you think?   

In other news, there is a competition currently underway for the new Stream of Consciousness Saturday badge and I'm going to enter!  Here is my take on it:

Like a stream of light you know and all the twinkling stars are the miscellaneous thoughts that float through your head.  At least that's what I was thinking.  It was taken at a Phil Collins concert last year, which leads me to the Rocktober Music Fest entry for today.  (See how I did that?)

Phil Collins has made a lot of music, both with Genesis and on his own.  I recently read his book, "Not Dead Yet" which was also the name of this tour.  It is true he does have health issues and is not able to move around the stage much but he still puts on a great show.

We saw him when they had the Genesis reunion tour in 2007, although Peter Gabriel was not with them.  

On this tour he has his son with him to play drums and piano.  It was really fun to see them play together and his son is a pretty good drummer!    

Phil is on the second leg of his tour which he has called, "Still Not Dead Yet" and he was at the new Chase Center in San Francisco last night but we didn't go.  The reviews say he shows his age but can still carry the show.  It says he hinted at a Genesis reunion which would be interesting too. 

Here's "You'll Be In My Heart" from when my son and I saw him last year.

My mom doesn't read my blog or even get on a computer but I hope she knows that even though she is far away from me now, she'll always be in my heart too!

What do you think of my badge?  Have you seen Phil lately?  Share!


  1. Hi, Janet!

    I had no idea Phil Collins has experienced so many physical and emotional problems in recent years. That's terrible. I hope he bounces back and will keep getting out there and doing live shows even if he needs to sing sitting down. I thought he carried a tune very well in that clip you posted. One of the prettiest and most powerful songs ever is "Goin' Back" aka "Going Back," and I love Phil's rendition. As a fan you have probably seen the official video but, if not, I'm sure you will enjoy it:

    Thank you very much for visiting Shady's Place Music & Memories again today, dear friend. I enjoyed your musings so much that I have decided to follow you. Let's stay in touch and keep the connection going. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Janet!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! I would love to keep connecting. You have such a wealth of information about the oldies! "Goin' Back" is one of the songs that give me chills. I like his rendition of some of the Motown hits on that album. Thanks again for the follow. Have a great Sunday.

  2. Phil Collins is fabulous! Your badge is great!
    Thanks so much for stopping by, Janet! I think the snowflake one is my favorite too! :o)

  3. Thanks Nancy. I wasn't sure about the badge because all of the other ones have something to do with water in them.


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