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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Now in November…

I haven’t been having much fun over here in Janetland lately. First the ring. Then the oven. Our oven is about 15 years old and about a month ago we noticed that it wouldn’t always get hot. It is gas and the burners still work so we know that gas is getting into it. My husband was a maintenance mechanic so he knows how to do repairs around the house but just when we would talk about taking the oven out so that he could check it, it would work with no problem.

Of course yesterday it decided not to work and my husband pulled it out of the island to see if he could find the issue.

We are hoping it is this igniter. Of course no shop in our neighborhood had this part so Amazon it is and it will be here Saturday. I was able to get to the grocery store and we’ll have ham cooked in the crock pot. Since the stove works we can still have the sides. My mom will be here and all 3 of the kids.

Then last night I looked out the front window and saw this…took a deep breath and decided that everything will be okay.

So grateful for you my blogging friends. Hope your Thanksgiving is a wonderful one.

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