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Monday, August 12, 2019

August Break - 2019 - 5 Things About Me

I've done posts about myself before so I'm trying to think of new things, or at least a new way of looking at them.  Working from the top left down: 

1) I am a hopeless romantic and believe in knights in shining armor, BUT, I also believe that I can be Queen and not just a princess waiting for rescue.

2)  I've had the "Bill Loves Jan" sign for over 30 years and it sticks on the dashboard of all my cars.

3) We went on a helicopter ride and had a picnic overlooking the Grand Canyon for our anniversary a few years ago.  We stayed in the Excalibur Hotel which looks like a castle (see #1).

4)  I am a creator and absolutely love working in my new backyard studio.

5) I am a Pisces and I love the ocean.  I don't get there as much as I'd like and that has to change. 

For last year's list you can look here.   Lots of links in this one to keep you entertained.  I'd love to hear 5 things about you!  


  1. Interesting! You're braver than me - I wouldn't enjoy flying in a helicopter.

    1. It was a really fun ride, Wendy! I never felt afraid. Actually, my biggest fear was that everyone would know how much I weigh since you have to get on a scale so they can even the weight distribution on the helicopter. Of course that was silly because they don't announce it, the computer figures it out.


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