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Monday, December 7, 2015

December Reflections

December 8 - 5 things about me:

I've done this type of thing a few times now and I am trying to think of something new (presumptuous of me to think that people actually read these blogs and would remember what I shared before, but anyway...)  For example, I've mentioned that my three sisters and I all have names that start with "J;" I've told the story about dating my husband's brother before my husband and I got together; that my first job was as a "page" in the local library and so on.

So, here goes with some other fun facts about me:

1)  I never lie.  I may not always give the complete story or I may avoid giving an answer, or phrase an answer in such a way that I am telling partially the truth.  I believe that lying only leads to more trouble and the necessity for more complicated lying.  It definitely is a bit of stress that I don't need and I really don't appreciate it when others lie to me.

2)  Baseball is my favorite sport.  Not to play, just to watch.  The San Francisco Giants are my favorite team but I like the Pittsburgh Pirates too.  When my husband and I were first dating, I realized that he was a true sports fan.  He likes football, baseball, golf, basketball and I figured out that if I wanted to spend time with him, I was going to have to learn about sports.  For some reason I found football to hard to understand and baseball was the most fun for me.  I really got into watching it, both on TV and, when we can, at the stadium, so much so that now during the winter I almost go into baseball withdrawal.

3) I'm sorry that I didn't get involved in more activities in high school.  I don't believe I ever went to a football game or any other event.  I went to one sock hop dance in the gym and I went to my junior prom, but that was not a really good experience, actually.  Mostly I went to school and then went to work at the library.  I had friends and did a few things with them but after going my 40th reunion a few years ago and just recently to a picnic we had to celebrate our collective 60th birthdays, I realized that I have few high school memories.  That makes me kind of sad.  

4)  I once went on a 17-hour car trip with my parents.  We left at about 4 in the morning, drove almost to the top of the state just to look at some Chinese memorial that my mom had read about in the paper, and then turned around and came home.  We stopped to eat somewhere but much of the rest of the trip is a blur.  Going on road trips was a favorite weekend past time for my parents and I usually had no choice but to go with them.  I most always brought a book along to read because those were definitely the days before any type of electronic device to keep me occupied.  As if that's not enough, they once drove from San Francisco to Los Angeles and back again in the same day!  I didn't have to go on that one, thank goodness.  Craziness.  Gas was much cheaper then!

5)  Last but not least, I'm a list-maker.  I love to make lists and cross things off as I get them done.  Gives me a great sense of accomplishment.  I have four or five lists going all the time.  

Well, that's my five things.  What are five fun facts about you?  

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