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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

August Break - 2019 - Day 21 Right Now

August Break has a little over a week left.  I have an idea for September but I need to work on it a bit more.  Today's prompt is "Right Now."

I was walking the mall today while I was waiting for Benny to be done at the groomers.  This is the same mall that had the shooting in July.  I saw this train down one of the side aisles.

The mall was empty but I think it's more because all the kids are back in school than because people are afraid.  The shooting was at the other end of the mall and since it was a personal fight not a random act it is a little less scary.  

I wonder how much this train will get used when it gets closer to Christmas?  There was nothing like this when my kids were little but I certainly would have let them ride if there had been.  I did notice a few more empty storefronts though.  Thank goodness they still have Barnes and Noble and Target here!  The smell from Mrs. Fields' was delightful and I had to walk past it fast!  

Does your mall have a train in it?  Had any Mrs. Fields' lately?  

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