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Monday, January 8, 2018

Just Jot January - 2018

Pants is the prompt for today's #JusJoJan sponsored by Linda G. Hill and as suggested by "Pen" at Pensivity101

Last year my husband and I went to the Summer of Love exhibit at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco and we were brought back to the seventies.  There were several different fashion areas and I took a lot of pictures of the different outfits I would love to have today.  This is not one of them, but it does show the multicolored pants people were wearing back then. 

My husband said he had a pair of jeans from that time that he sewed different colored patches on.  I was always a (little) overweight and did not think that the bright colors and large patterns would look good on me.  

Here are some retro-inspired yoga pants/leggings that you can get now.  I love the colors but somehow I don't think that garden would look quite as good on my legs.

These are just wrong:

I'm sure I would feel like I had had an accident in my pants if I had to wear these.    

Here is me, from our eighth grade graduation picnic in 1969.  I went to a Catholic school and this was one of the first times we got to wear anything other than our dull green and gray uniforms. 

I thought I was fat then.  Wish I looked like that now except for the chest area if you know what I mean - (I'd say boobs but my kids read my blog once in a while).  Looks like rainbow sherbet doesn't it?

Have you ever worn wildly decorated pants?  Like the style with the crotch to your knees?  Love to hear!

Hope you are enjoying the #JustJoJan.  Feel free to hop right in any time!


  1. That first pair looks like a Peter Max nightmare, and I don't think the yoga pants are any better. The third pair looks like a waste of good material or a young person's first attempt at making pants in Home Ec. The ones you have on look pretty good, though.

    I had a pair of red, white and blue striped Levi's that had decorative stuff inside the stripes. I thought they looked good when I was 14. Now? Not so much...

    1. Thanks John. The things we wear when we are young, right?


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