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Friday, January 26, 2018

Just Jot January - 2018

Address is today's prompt in #JusJoJan as put forth by another blogger friend of mine, John Holton at The Sound of One Hand Typing.  I first met John through the A to Z challenge and he has been very helpful with some of the technical issues I face as a blogger.  Plus, since I do typing all the time, the title of his blog intrigued me.  You should definitely check his site out.

Anyway, "Address" is the word we are concentrating on today.  In my 62-3/4 years on this planet I've lived at 9 different addresses.  That seems like a lot to me.  I've had 4 addresses in San Bruno, 3 in Millbrae (although one was actually the same address just a different apartment number), 1 in South San Francisco and 1 in San Francisco.

I don't remember the house in San Francisco because we moved to San Bruno when I was about 2.  The first address I remember is from this house although when I lived there it was much different.  There were no houses in the background and the front was lined with rose trees.  There was a large front porch.  Kind of makes me sad to see how much it has changed. 

When I was about 21 I moved into this apartment building.  I started on the ground floor and then I married the guy who lived above me and moved in there.  We were only married for about six months and then he moved out.

From the apartment I went into a house I shared with my girlfriends and then I met my future husband and we moved into an apartment in South San Francisco for about a year.  Then it was back to San Bruno, first in an apartment and then into a rented house when the kids started coming.

Right before our last child was born we moved into this house and have been here for the last 21 years. 

We've never had a house with this address but I think it would be cool if we did!

Since I've been in San Bruno for most of my life it doesn't seem like I've moved at all but technically there were nine addresses.  My husband has had many more since his father was in the service and they lived in Germany and the Philippines for a while, not to mention several places in California and in Wisconsin. 

How about you?  Move around a lot?  Can you remember all the addresses?


  1. I don't remember the apartment we lived in when I was first born, and barely the one after that. The first real clear memory I have is the duplex in Indianapolis where we lived for about a year. I still remember that place and I haven't been there since 1959.

    1. I was pretty surprised when I counted nine places. I don't have a memory from the first one but all the rest are pretty clear.


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