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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Just Jot January - 2018

Today in #JusJoJan we have "Coffee" suggested by Barbara at Teleportingweena.  Thanks Barbara!

AHHHH Coffeeee...I've been drinking coffee since I was at least a teen.  My parents wouldn't let me drink it when I was too young but probably around the age of 13 or so I guess they figured I could handle it.  Now I drink at least 3 large cups every morning, low fat or fat free milk, no sugar.  Once I hit midday though, I'm done and I switch to water or tea. 

For 18 years of our married life my husband worked for Sara Lee in the Coffee and Tea division.  We never had to pay for coffee during all that time and he would come home smelling SO good.  My favorite from that time was a mocha blend.  Haven't been able to find a good one since he stopped working there.  What a shock it was to have to buy coffee for the first time!  It's expensive!   

I love having big mugs to use and here are some of my favorites:

My daughter brought this one for me when Disneyland and I both turned 60.

A good motivational one to start the day.

My other daughter made this one for me.

Sometimes I drop a chocolate mint marshmallow in it for that minty flavor!  YUMMM

Coffee is such a part of every morning that sometimes my husband will leave me little notes or, in this case, flowers because he knows that's where I'll go first thing.  Isn't he great?

Now our daughter works at Starbucks so sometimes we can get free coffee again :) 

And, of course, I made these mug-shaped gift card holders so you can give a Starbucks gift card to your friends :) 

And that's my take on "coffee."  How about you?  Coffee or tea?  Flavored or regular?  Sugar or no sugar?  Share and please visit the other participants in #JusJoJan if you have time. 

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