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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Just Jot January - 2018 - Passionate

I'm participating in #JusJoJan hosted by Linda G. Hill and today's word, "Passionate," comes from Rosemary at Rosemary Carlson, Writer.

Just like the word from the other day, Boisterous, Passionate is an extreme emotion in my opinion.  I am such an even tempered person that extreme anything is hard for me to wrap myself around sometimes.

However, there are some things that I truly am passionate about:

My family:

I would do anything for this group and that includes our extended family and friends as well.  We may not always see eye to eye but we are the core.

Crafting:  I love making things and sharing them with others.  I love trying out new techniques, repurposing everyday objects and I love my crafting room. 

Concert going:  We went to a whopping 11 concerts last year alone.  I am able to combine my passion for concerts with my passion for crafting in my scrapbook pages:

We've been lucky enough to see some great ones, include Tom Petty and Prince who are sadly no longer with us.  We are waiting for this year's "season" to begin.

Reading:  I've been reading since I was a child and my first job was in the local public library.  I read 22 books last year, not a lot by some standards but I usually only read at night before bed so I tend to fall asleep after a few pages unless it is an exceptional book.  There were a few days that I took some time to sit on the back porch and read for a couple of hours and that was very nice.  I'd love to have a house big enough to have a library room.   

Last but certainly not least, I am passionate about smiles.  I've made it my mission in life for the past couple of years to try and make at least one person smile every day.  I believe it has a ripple effect and I think it is good for both the giver and the receiver.  I am so passionate about it, I use it as my "brand" in my blog, Janet's Smiles, and my Etsy shop "ASmile4UfromJanet."   There is so much hatred and political strife nowadays that I can't do anything about but smiling is easy.  I've had a couple of customers at Michaels (especially during the holidays) comment on how I am always smiling no matter how long the line is.  That makes my day.

I'm looking for a "smile" I can use to as my "signature."  I don't want to use just a "smiley face" because those are too generic.  I want something that is a little more "me."  That may be one of the things I work on this year, finding my right "smile."  

How about you?  Passionate about anything?  Did I make you smile today?  Make sure to visit the #JusJoJan gang for more passionate examples.  

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