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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Just Jot January - 2018

January 2 -  Today's word is "Boisterous" suggested by Dan Antion at No Facilities. 

Boisterous is not a word that anyone who knows me would use to describe me.  I am definitely an introvert and people who are boisterous tend to scare me a bit.  I am definitely not attracted to people who drink too much and are boisterous.  They irritate me. 

Interestingly, my husband can occasionally be very boisterous.  Here we are at a concert.  While I am sticking out my tongue, you can definitely tell the difference in the amount of energy we have.  They say opposites attract so... 

I have been known to slap a high five at a baseball game and cheer when we are scoring lots of runs but that's about as boisterous as I get. 

Thanks to Linda G. Hill for sponsoring this Just Jot January.  You can find the rules and prompts on her site.

Are you boisterous? 


  1. It's part of what being a boy is all about...

    1. Yep, you're right, John. We balance each other out.


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