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Friday, October 5, 2018

Observations in October - 2018 Conversation

We are talking conversation today in our 31 Things adventure. 

Since I work from home my conversations are mostly with my husband who is retired and home all day or as comments that I leave on other people's blog posts.  Conversations with my kids are mostly via text and I really like using the emojis.  I'm the one in blue:

I love the one where it shows the hand in front of the face and the wave.  

I keep telling the kids we have to make one that is a hug.  I don't like the one with the two hands so I use this one 🔄

Conversations via text or computer though are not really the best forms.  There are times when the intent of the statements get twisted or misunderstood because you can't hear the tone of the voice.  Or the time it takes between texts if one person is busy or not near their phone or computer.    

There are some conversations that I am sorry I never had.  I wish I had thought to have deeper conversations with my grandmother while she was alive.  I would love to hear more stories of her growing up.  While she was alive I was either too young or too busy with my own kids to take the time to ask her questions like what it was really like to raise five children or what my grandfather was like since he died before I was born. 

I never knew my dad's parents either and she might have been able to tell me what they were like since they were peers.  My dad is the handsome young man on the right.   

My mom is 95 and she is the only one left of all her brothers and sisters and my aunts and uncles on my dad's side.  I do have conversations with her sometimes about the "olden days" and try to remember to write things down so that I can pass the stories on to my kids.

There are also the people I wrote about in the book I submitted for the Sketchbook Project.  I'd love to have some conversations with them!  

Anybody you wish you could have a conversation with?  Like using emojis?  Let's converse!

Ali Edwards has a course on her site called 31 Things.  That is what I have chosen to use as my starting point for blogging this month.

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