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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Observations in October - #31Things - Nourish

I have a problem with food.  I like it.  Carbs especially.  I'm Italian and I love my pasta, and steak, and occasionally a berry pie.  I am still struggling to control those impulses and follow along with the Hungry Girl eating plan but it is a long, slow process just like everything that has to do with self-control.  I'll keep at it but I don't want to write about that now. 

I think instead I'd like to talk about nourishing the soul, because that is just as important, if not more important than nourishing the body.

Some things that nourish my soul:

Family and Friends - I have a great family.  We also have some really terrific friends.  The kind that you can call for any reason and they will come running.  Spending time with them is so beneficial. 

Music - You know I love my concerts but even just listening to music while I'm driving or walking is energizing for me.  Everyone has "those" songs that have certain meaning for them but I have such an eclectic taste that my favorite thing is just to put my iTunes on shuffle and see what pops up:

Water - Watching the waves in the ocean or walking along the Bay trail.  I'm a Pisces so it's no surprise that the water is a calming thing for me. 

And watching the sunset over the ocean is icing on the cake!

Reading - A good book nourishes me too.  I really think that if I had no other commitments I could spend the whole day just reading.  I know that I used to do that when I was a teen.  I have done it once or twice if I have a cold and just need to rest. 

Scrapbooking - Of course there is my crafting and card making.  I've talked about that a lot.

Here are some of my other self-care and soul nourishing favorites. 

I know that some people like massages or mani/pedi's and some use exercise as a way to nourish and recharge their batteries.  What do you do to nourish your soul?  

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