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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Observations in October - 2018 - #31Things - 9:15 AM and Uniform

We're taking care of two things today in the same post because I missed yesterday and because it's my blog and I can do what I wanna.

9:15 AM - I am at my computer and have been since 7 AM going through emails and getting my work ready for the day.  You think I'm kidding when I say I work in my pajamas but I'm not!

Some mornings I have almost 100 emails to look through depending on what went on the day before.  I have a lot of other blogs I read and comment on (you know who you are), and some videos I watch.  How much I can do at that time depends on my typing workload. 

I am so grateful I can work like this!

Uniform - (See above pajamas!)  Really though, I did have a uniform at one time.  When I worked in the medical offices in the beginning I used to have to wear a uniform.  The pants were always white but for a while we did different color tops.  Blue was for Monday and I think green was for Thursday.  I can't remember the other days but I'm pretty sure there was a yellow and a pink.  After I got to be the office manager I didn't have to wear a uniform but I did sometimes wear a white jacket.  

When I worked at Michaels I had a vest to wear.  We did have a "dress code" but mainly it was a relaxed one, thank goodness.  
I would say that a "uniform" piece of clothing I wear is a scarf.  I have a ton of them and I love to wear them when we go out.  In addition to keeping me warmer, I think it adds a special touch.  

On the vision board I created over the weekend I added a hat.  I love hats but I don't know that they look especially good on me.  I did find one at Target the other day that I loved but I didn't get it and now it's not there anymore of course.  Next time I see one like it I'm buying it! 

Your turn.  Have a uniform that you wear or a piece of signature clothing?  What were you doing at 9:15 AM?  Share!

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