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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fiddlin' February - 2018

Tell It Color - Night

We all know my fetish with the moon and the pictures I take of the full moon each month.  Here are some other gems, including a short video of the Pacific Ocean waves crashing against the bank which combines yesterday's water with today's night.

Of course the moon

And the sunset

A golf ball used to play night golfing - yes, there is such a thing.

It was a cloudy night

The walkway to our house at Christmas

The Excalibur Hotel in Vegas
Fireworks in front of our house on the 4th of July

The lights from cellphones at a concert

The colorful reflection of our friend's pool

More fireworks

I was lucky to catch the colors in this one

At the Adele concert

Through our bedroom window.

Ah that moon

The train from across the street

Rare moon and Venus sighting

Over the streets of San Francisco

The tree lights at ATT&T Park where the Giants play

The sunset

The lights on the Bay Bridge.  They are fun to watch because they change.

As seen from my car on the way home.

And the 20 seconds or so of the waves. 

I don't know why I never knew this but I just learned what my Pisces constellation looks like:

Night is exciting.  Night is mysterious.  Night is sexy.  Night is wondrous.  Night is adventure.  

That's night to me.  What's night to you?


  1. I have a hard time driving at night, so I don't travel much at night. But I do love the evening. I'm not a water person either, but I love the sound of the waves. When I visited Play del Carmen, it was a special treat because I didn't have to drive to visit the beach at night, where I could enjoy a free cocktail, lay in the hammock and listen to the waves. Very relaxing.
    I love your firework pictures. You did a great job capturing them. I've tried a time or two before but have not had much luck with decent photos.
    I don't golf, but if I did I could probably do night golf. Might be easier for me to find my ball. Especially if it does indeed glow as this one does. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Jeffrey. Your visit to Playa del Carmen sounds marvelous. I could get into that for sure.


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