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Friday, February 16, 2018

Fiddlin' February - 2018

Tell It Color - Gray

Gray can sometimes bring you down and be a somber or sad, lifeless kind of color, without interest or character but I managed to find some that were totally not without character.  Today we had to go to San Francisco for an appointment in the Workers' Comp Division of the Federal Building for my husband.  I was going to bring my camera to take some pictures but lost track of time and had to jet out of the house.  Of course I had my phone but I'd been getting the signal that I had no storage left (time for a new phone?).  Anyway, I deleted a couple of apps - not that I have that many mind you - and took these shots:   

Wall of paintings in the Federal Building.  

cool markings on these pigeons who came very close

Statue of Ashurbanipal the Assyrian king

Sign on the side of a building
Then I made this collage.
In addition to the other pictures, there are shots of the gray carpet in the hallway, the gray granite of the steps and some gray sand near the statues.  

Once we got home I looked around some more for gray and I found:

The gray containers in my Scrapbox Workbox

Xray of my knee.  See it is off center?  That was BEFORE I fell and broke it!

I was not impressed with this book and didn't see the movie or read any of the sequels. 

Me, younger, thinner about 33 years ago before my facial surgery and without gray hairs!
It is interesting that knowing I was doing this color thing brought the focus of my attention to my surroundings a lot more.  We don't go into the city that often and so every trip is an adventure of some kind but looking specifically for one color was a fun challenge.  I have to thank my husband for going along with my frequent stops.  He said we probably looked like tourists.  LOL

Looking forward to the next color!  Come and play along!


  1. I love color too. Our realtor said milenials like gray. So we painted the kitchen gray and sold our house. Who knew? Thanks for visiting my blog today, Janet!

    1. Gray is a good color to have as a background because so many other colors go with it to add the pop of interest. Thanks for stopping by!


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