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Monday, April 11, 2016

A to Z Challenge - 2016

It's time for "I"


Everyone knows that musicians are always drunk or stoned or both so it comes as no surprise that songs or song titles are occasionally not what they were meant to be.

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida is one of those.  It is a song recorded by Iron Butterfly and sung by singer, Doug Ingle.  There are a couple of versions of the story, but it seems that both versions include the fact that Ingle was drunk or stoned or both and he slurred the words which were supposed to be "In the Garden of Eden."

The lyrics are simple and repeated over and over.

In a gadda da vida honey,
Don't you know that I love you
In a gadda da vida baby
Don't you know that I'll always be true.

Oh won't you come with me
And take my hand
Oh won't you come with me
And walk this land
Please take my hand.

Doesn't that should like it would make sense in The Garden of Eden?

The song is significant in rock history in that it is one of the first songs that marks the transition from psychedelic to heavy metal.  It is also 17 minutes long, the whole side of one album.  It is said that it was just supposed to be the band warming up, but they just kept the tape running and liked the way it sounded, so they left it that way.

I used to think that the DJs would put this song on when they needed to go to the bathroom because they knew they'd have time to do that.

That's all I've got for today.  Hope you are enjoying the A to Z Challenge and are following along with some of the other players.


  1. I remember liking this song from when I was in 8th grade; many a year ago :)


    1. Hi Betty! I did not really like this one. I am not into metal or psychedelic much. But, it worked for my letter "I" :)

  2. I remember the song, but didn't know about the slurred words thing. I just figured, like nonsensical poetry, the words were made up on purpose.

    1. Funny, Ally, I used to think it was In the Garden of Eden until I found out it was In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida!

  3. i dunno. When i first read it i thought it said Yo Gabba Gabba. and i was like, that's letter Y not I! (cuz i r smrt)

  4. I admit to quite liking this one. :-)

  5. hahaha. Love that you thought the DJs put the song on so they could go to the bathroom!! :) That's funny stuff!
    I love this song and I thought it was hilarious when I heard the story of how the title came to be.
    Great post!

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Yeah, this one and American Pie by Don McLean are the two I used to think they used for that purpose. I think I actually heard one DJ say that's what he was doing!


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