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Thursday, November 21, 2019

November Novelties - 2019 - The Early Years

Some may wonder when I started getting involved in scrapbooking and memory making.  (Some may not really care but whatever).  It seems to me I've always had a love for keeping mementos and things.  I wrote a couple of years ago about a newspaper I made for my sister Judy while she was away on vacation to catch her up with the family goings on. 

I was 16 then.  A few years later I taught this same sister how to drive.  Not sure what made me think I was qualified to be a driving instructor but I did have my license so there is that.  Judy was married at the time and even had kids but thank goodness they were in school when we took our jaunts.  She had tried to learn to drive before but I think she said that whoever tried to teach her made her nervous.  We know I am an extremely calm person so I told her I'd take a shot at it.  Anyway, with a few near misses in three point turns (actually I think she hit a pole) and parallel parking, Judy did in fact get her license. To celebrate the one year anniversary of that life changing event, I made this keepsake for her:

I realize now that this was my first mini-album!  Obviously it is a little worse for wear but given the fact that it is 44 years old, I think it is in pretty good shape.  I really appreciate the fact that my sister held onto it for so long.  She recently gave it to me and I will put it in the collection with the newspapers and short stories I used to write.  You never know, when I become famous someone might want these collectibles!  It could happen.    


  1. Hi, Janet!

    I enjoyed reading your old newsletter and the piece you put together to congratulate your sister on learning to drive with you as her instructor and for obtaining her license. It makes a wonderful keepsake and I'm sure she appreciated it. Fortunately my mother kept many items from my childhood including report cards, essays I wrote in school and newspaper clippings that mentioned my name. I assembled most of them into a scrapbook and have mentioned some of the events on my blogs. The news item most relevant to your post is a clipping dated August 12, 1966, the day I rolled my dad's VW Beetle while trying to impress my friend by performing racing maneuvers. Here's the post marking the 50 year anniversary of the mishap on my old SDMM blog:

    I hope your week is going well, dear friend Janet, and I wish you a happy Friday and weekend!

  2. Hey Shady, that's wonderful that your mom kept those things for you. I have some things but only ones that I kept. That sounds like a scary accident. You are lucky there were no bad injuries and the damage only $250! An accident like that now probably would have totaled the car. Happy Friday to you to, my friend.

  3. I think it's great that you have so many memories kept in a way that's easy to access.

    1. Yes, Wendy. It does make it easier to look back on things.


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