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Friday, December 20, 2019

December Reflections - 2019 - Vision Cards Part 2

As promised, here are the vision cards I made for this year.  I have used basically the same six themes but tweaked them a little bit.  They are the same size as last year, an 8-1/2 x 11 piece of cardstock cut in half. 

Last year I had "Health" but this one is "All About Me" because now that I have lost a significant amount of weight, I know I need to focus on other aspects of my wellbeing.  It is time to do a little more exercise rather than just walking the dog.  I need to get some strengthening in my arms and tighten the core muscles.  I also need to focus on my mental health as well.  Self-care is an important thing that gets overlooked a lot. 

"Money" is now "Show Me The Money."  The goal is to get some of our debt paid down and continue to save for the things we want to do.  Hopefully more work and some attention to non-essential spending will help with that.  Fortunately we on Social Security got a raise!   

"Connect" is now "Making Connections" and I think it continues to be important to keep the connections with friends and family as a top priority.  Sometimes I get so caught up in the work that I don't take time to be with the family.  As an introvert, social gatherings are hard for me and I need to try and get over that a little.  

"Home" is "The Old Homestead" and again, we can't afford much but we do need a new fridge and could use a fence around the front yard so Benny can go outside sometimes and play.  I'm still holding out for my fire pit in the backyard too!  I love cacti as a garden because they don't need much care and can be really interesting.  

"Go Places" is now "Experiences" because the focus will be on new experiences in familiar places.  The beach is free and so are things like walking across the Golden Gate or just getting in the car and driving to the City to do touristy activities or down to Carmel and Monterey.  Even Yosemite can be relatively inexpensive.  Gotta get out there.  

Last but not least, "Craft" is now "My Crafty Business."  I loved the word Phoblographer because that encompasses a lot of things.  The goal chart is to help me get more specific with the direction I want to take my business in.  Plus, as part of the self-care, I have a lot of personal projects that I want to work on, not just to be sold.  The kids each have an album that is seriously behind and my concert album is certainly not up to date.  Those things are important too.  

If you are interested in making your own vision cards, I highly recommend the class by Jamie Ridler.   If you'd like to see some of my past years, here are the links:

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Again, one of the main reasons that I like doing these cards is to take the pressure off of having failed an attempt at a "resolution."  As you can see, some of the things that I wanted in 2014 are things I still want but there has been a lot accomplished in each area as well.  I know that Jamie makes 10 or 12 cards but I think six is about all I can handle, at least for now.  So what do you think?  What would your vision cards be about?  Love to hear your ideas.


  1. Hi, Janet!

    I enjoyed examining your vision cards for 2020, dear friend! Regarding "Health" aka "All About Me," I'm sure you'll agree that mental health and physical well-being go hand in hand. "Show Me the Money" is a clever way to remind yourself to save and practice thrift. "Making Connections" is an important piece of the wellness puzzle. Reaching out to friends and family to find out how they are doing means a lot to them and allows you to stop dwelling on your own problems. Focusing outward empowers. On "The Old Homestead," you caught my eye immediately with the columnar cactus. For many years I collected cacti and at one point had a containerized display that boasted 125 specimens. Visiting parks and natural wonders that are free is a great way to fulfill your need to explore on a budget. I wish you all the best as you continue to grow your craft business.

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend Janet!

    1. Wow, 125 cacti! You got the idea behind each one of my cards. Thanks for stopping by, Shady. Appreciate your time.


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