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Monday, December 9, 2019

December Reflections - 2019 Days 6 through 9

I did not do as well at the Holiday boutique last Saturday as I had done in the three previous ones but I did manage to sell a few cards and since it was a new to me venue, got some additional exposure.  It was free to participate and they only asked for a 20% donation from the total profit so I'm afraid they didn't make very much money from me.  It was also raining very hard off and on all day so that may have kept some people away.  At any rate, that was my last show for this year.  Now I can start working to build up the inventory again.  I'm also going to keep my eyes open for opportunities throughout the year next year so it doesn't all come down to the last few months.

On to the December Reflections posts, Day 6 was "Angel."  I didn't take a selfie and didn't find any other angels to take pictures of so I missed that day.

Day 7 was "Favorite Photo of 2019" and there are so many but here are three.

The girls and I at Backstreet Boys concert

My little gnome garden

Sunset at the beach

Day 8 was "Quiet" and I used this picture of the sky.  The quiet before the storm.  It has been pretty rainy here this week.  

Today's prompt is "Biggest Change of 2019."  I think losing 57 pounds since March is a pretty big change.  


Also, getting the studio in the backyard and adding Benny to our lives were pretty big too.  

Tomorrow is "Gold" and I'm not sure where I'm going to find that but you know I'll do my best! 


  1. Hi, Janet!

    You laid out had an attractive table at the last boutique show of the year. I'm sorry you didn't sell very many of your wares. I'd say the bad weather is to blame and also the fact that you were a new kid on the block.

    Speaking of New Kids on the Block, that's a fabulous picture of you and, I'm guessing, your daughters at the BSB concert. I love your cute garden gnomes, and that sunset at the beach picture is awesome - suitable for framing! Benny is a handsome fellow and you look marvelous after shedding all those pounds in 2019. Way to go!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Janet!

    1. Thanks, Shady! Yes, those are my daughters. We love the Backstreet Boys and it is fun to go out with them once in a while now that they are both adults. I had to have the garden gnomes. I'm hoping to add to the collection too! I have about 25 pounds more to lose - my goal is to get them off by March when I turn 65!

  2. I think you deserve a gold medal for all that weight loss.

    1. Thanks Wendy. It is definitely a journey.


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