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Friday, April 27, 2018

Blogging From A to Z - 2018 - X is for

Welcome to the letter X in the A to Z Challenge for 2018.  This year I am highlighting the alphabet as seen in Michaels Arts and Crafts store.  You might think I would have a hard time with the letter X but fortunately there are a few products whose names help me out!

We have X-acto knives.  These are handy for all kinds of things and do come in a couple of different styles.  Look at all the different blades the first one has!  I didn't even notice that until just this minute when I was typing this.  I may have to get one of those - when I get a 60% off coupon!

Next is X-treme.  These are tape runners in the scrapbooking section.  With some of the items I make, like the mini-albums, I like to use this kind of tape to make sure it will hold up to lots of wear.  Xtreme will hold things in place for sure!.

Last but not least is the Xyron brand.  These are sticker maker systems and come in a variety of sizes.  I don't have the Creative Station but I do have a couple of the smaller sizes.  

I have this size that I can use to make any piece of paper a sticker up to about 2-1/2 inches wide.

I have this one too and it will make stickers up to an inch and a half wide.

You just put whatever you want to make into a sticker in the slot and pull it out from the other end.  

You get this and those embellishments are now sticky on the back.  Pretty clever actually.

Xyron also makes a tape runner.  Theresa Collins is one of the bigger scrapbook designers.   

Those are the legitimate X's but I'm going to stretch things a bit and add some X-tras because these are things I found when going through the store that didn't make it into other posts and I didn't want to waste the pictures.

Michaels is also a place to get interesting gifts.  These are some cute animal themed mugs and things for the dog and cat lover (pet parent).

Since it's getting close to Mother's day they also have some bath-related items and summer totes, etc.

There is a whole section of "design it yourself" ceramic and plastic items that you can paint and personalize to your hearts content.

While I showed you the styrofoam heads in the "Unusual" category, there is a whole section of other styrofoam bits and pieces that you can use for wreath making and any number of things.  The round ones are used a lot for the kids who have to make the solar system projects.  

In addition to the wedding section, there is a section with gift bags, bows, tissue and filler for presents for all occasions.  

There are summer themed dishes for the backyard barbecues that will be coming soon (provided winter goes away).

Paints, paints, paints galore.  

Lots of different sizes and fonts of letters too.  You definitely can get your A to Z here!

This is modeling clay.  I just took a shot of the small packages but there are tubs of modeling paste available too.  

I noticed these in the home decor section the last time I went.  I love the vibrant colors.  

Not sure what I would do with this big flower but I thought it was kinda cool.

Finally, my last X, fancy shoelaces with decorative buttons.  

That about covers the X's and the X-tras.  What do you think?  

Only Y and Z left.  I have the pictures and the posts drafted so I think I'm going to make it this year.  Please stop by and see what others have come up with for the letter X.  Hope to see you tomorrow - Y? because I like you!

(Note:  I decided I should add a disclaimer to these posts because I certainly don't want to give the idea that I am being paid by Michaels to do this or that they are furnishing me with material.  All pictures used in this blog series were taken by me at local Michaels stores, or are my personal pictures and every Michaels store may not have everything shown.)


  1. As I was using an X-acto knife last night Janet, I wondered whether it would be part of your post today. I've got a number of blades, but not as many as in that variety pack. You need detailed instructions to figure out what their specific use is.

    Nice move to include all your x-tra photos. And good for you for having the final two posts drafted. I'm confident you'll finish with flying colors.

    1. It really did surprise me to see so many blades. A couple of times I just took random pictures because I was on my way in to work so I would snap as I walked back to the time clock. This must have been one of those times. I know I'm going to go look at it more closely. I really had fun with this theme and it was easy to do. Now I'm trying to think of something for next year!

  2. Wow - Michaels supplied you with lots of "X" items to share. I love an X-acto knife.

    1. I thought I was going to have trouble with this letter at first and then someone checked out with an X-acto knife and someone else had some X-treme tape so I knew I'd have something.


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