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Friday, April 13, 2018

Blogging From A to Z - 2018 - L is for

Welcome to the letter L in the A to Z Challenge for 2018.  This year I am working my way through the A to Z of Michaels Arts and Crafts store.  L is for Lighting.

They have some really unusual types of lights you can use to decorate your house.  I love these "trees" with the LED tips.

Wouldn't this look cool on a table?

They have string lights too.  I've been thinking about getting some of the smaller ones to go around the wall of my craft room.

They are good for out in the backyard too.  

I like these colored pillars.

Then there are the more functional lights that you can use for reading or sewing or other crafting. 

L is also for Liquitex.  Liquitex is a brand of acrylic paints that Michaels carries.

It comes in all different colors and sizes, tubes and bottles.

Some of it is expensive and has to be locked up!

There are even some spray paint varieties, also locked up.

They make kits for collaging and photo transfers too.  These are something I think I'd like to look into.  Even I'm learning things as I go through this store.

Whimsical creations, doesn't that sound like fun?  

Have you used Liquitex to make whimsical creations?  Need some outdoor lighting or branches of lights?  Share!

Be sure to visit the other A to Z gang and come back tomorrow for M, it's gonna be a really fun one!

(Note:  I decided I should add a disclaimer to these posts because I certainly don't want to give the idea that I am being paid by Michaels to do this or that they are furnishing me with material.  All pictures used in this blog series were taken by me at local Michaels stores, or are my personal pictures and every Michaels store may not have everything shown.)


  1. I must tired. I read L is for "Lightning" and I wondered what kind of lightning Michael's could sell. hahaha. Oh my.

    I really like the string lights that look like vintage filament bulbs.

    1. Well, they do sometimes have flash sales :) Yes, I like that vintage look as well. Thanks for stopping by Trudy.

    2. "Flash sales"... Very clever! Thanks for making me smile!

  2. All studios need string lights Janet - it's the law. :-) This winter I added a string of small globe lights, called stargazers, around my bedroom window and I love them.

    1. Well, I don't want to break any laws. Stargazers, how perfect!

  3. Love the lighted sticks. They are fun to mix with florals and Christmas arrangements.

    1. Yes! That would add a magical touch for sure.


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