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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Blogging From A to Z - 2018 - Q is for

Welcome to the letter Q in the A to Z Challenge for 2018.  As we go through the A to Z of things you will find at a Michaels store, we can't forget the ever (un)popular Q-Line.

Q-Line is what the area is called where you stand in a "queue" and wait for the next available cashier (that would have been me!)  In our store, the line was in this section.  The pole in the middle of the picture was supposed to be the end of the line.

At the far end of this picture you can see the first register, next to the soda cases.  Our "goal" was never to have the line longer than this distance.

This is looking at it from the cashier's point of view.  That black thing in the middle of the table is my scan gun.  Paper bag at the ready if you want to pay 25 cents for it (here in California anyway).

If you've ever shopped at Michaels during the holiday season (or when we are having sales, or on a Saturday afternoon), you know that it RARELY looks this empty.  Rest assured, however, that the cashiers understand and try to move as quickly as we are able without making errors and if we see that the line is approaching or passing the sign, we do call for additional cashiers if there are any available.  We won't talk about the things the customers do that makes the check out time take so long.  

Of course, while you are waiting in line, there are lots of things to "look at" to keep you entertained (entice you to continue shopping).  For the last two weeks that I was working the offering was some new paint ball contraption.  The bags hold "Goblies" that are paint balls in some kind of liquid (it may be water, I didn't check).  There are also the "guns" that you can buy to shoot the paint balls.  Personally, I am opposed to guns of any kind so they don't trigger my buying impulse AT ALL.  (Please don't get started on a gun thing.  This is not that kind of blog).    

As with a lot of Michaels items, there were certainly many pretty colors but I am not sure how popular they are because in the two weeks that the were there, I think I only sold two packs.  Just this week I saw an add on Michaels website promoting these for "date night?"  Not sure I would be enthused about going on a date just to get pelted with paint but again, that's just me.

Also in the Q-line are more necessary items like coffee packets,

fun brownie mixes with Nutella and a cute little skillet,

and different things for the holidays.  Snowman Poop was a great one.  Instead of lumps of coal in your stocking, you get Snowman Poop if you've been "bad." 

If waiting in line makes you hungry or you have a sweet tooth, there is candy to catch your eye.

One of my jobs when there was no line in the queue was to go along the shelves and pick up the things that people had decided they did not want to buy and just put on a shelf.  Pretty sure those Easter eggs did not belong with the Junior Mints.  I didn't mind that because all I had to do was pick up the things that didn't belong, I didn't have to put them away.  Besides, I said it was my job when there was no line!  

Another item that would qualify for the "Q" in today's theme is Quilt.  Michaels does not have the fabrics that some other craft stores do but they carry a lot of bits and pieces that you can use to make a quilt.  (Again in one of my recent emails there was an ad that Michaels is now getting different materials that you can have cut to order on the website.  I don't think that feature is in stores yet.)  

Some pieces are bigger than others.  

Some are in coordinated groups.  

The tools you need for this craft are available as well, rolling blades 

and craft cutting mats.  

Question:  Are you the kind of shopper that leaves things in the Q-line or do you give them to the cashier and politely say "I changed my mind about this?"  Quilt much?  

Stop by the A to Z page and pick up another "Q" and come back here tomorrow for R! 

(Note:  I decided I should add a disclaimer to these posts because I certainly don't want to give the idea that I am being paid by Michaels to do this or that they are furnishing me with material.  All pictures used in this blog series were taken by me at local Michaels stores, or are my personal pictures and every Michaels store may not have everything shown.)


  1. LOL - I think perhaps Michaels advertising department could have chosen a more enticing incentive for the paint ball promotion than "date night" activity.

    I'm not a quilter, but I do like my self-healing cutting mat.

    1. For sure, Deborah. The cutting mat is great. I didn't think to look in that section when I was getting one for my paper crafting but they make them so much bigger! I may get a big one if they are on sale.

  2. Glad to know about the Q Line. I've wondered why it was set up with multiple isles. I can see how that would help during a busy season. I seldom if ever shop while in line except for checking out the specialty magazines. I do check out the quilt isle...always need rotary blades and use the 40% off coupon. Yay!

    1. Yes. It's nice to be able to use those coupons on things that are hardly ever on sale. I just got a magazine today with the best set of stamps inside!


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