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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Blogging From A to Z - 2018 - E is for

Welcome to the letter E in the A to Z Challenge for 2018.  During the month of April I am using the alphabet to work my way through Michaels Arts and Crafts store.

Today we are looking at Events and Classes.  Every month there is a different schedule of events, usually themed around the next holiday.  This month it was all about Spring and Easter.  You can find the details and schedule right at the front of the store with some examples of the projects you can make. 

This is the book of events and some of the classes for March and April.

Each Saturday during March there were Kids Club events.  The classes cost between $2 or $5 depending on the age of your child and the difficulty of the event.  Each session lasts about 30 minutes and there may be 4 sessions per Saturday.

There are also projects the whole family can do, like these decorated clay pots, spring wreath and egg decorating.  You just need to buy the pots and wreath and Michaels supplies the decorations to add. 

Then there is the ever popular slime!  (In case you don't have little kids around, slime is a concoction made with glue, water, saline solution and sometimes shaving cream, depending on the consistency you want.  It's kind of like silly putty but not).  You can add food color and glitter and all kinds of things.  One of the first weekends I worked I helped with a Halloween slime event.  The slime was pre-made and tinted orange by one of the Michaels staff.  A sandwich size baggie was given to each child and there were different kinds of decorations like glitter and tiny sparkles that they could use to decorate it.  This was a free event and the kids got to take home the slime when they were done.  I tell you, the amount of glue alone that gets sold in the making of slime is ridiculous.  Elmers has something going with this one because glue is expensive!  We sell gallons of them for $30 and they are "Everyday Value" items so the coupons don't work on them.  Many a parent has come to the register with their 40% off coupon only to be dismayed that it cannot be applied to the glue.  Some very interesting discussions between parent and child at this point - LOL. 

There are also advanced classes like knitting and crocheting, painting and drawing and sometimes cake decorating.  Those classes cost $15 to $20 and are usually two hours or so. 

Here is my friend, Emma, with Bill, the instructor at one of the art classes.  They are painting horses running through a canyon.  I saw Emma's finished one and it turned out really cool.  

During Spring break there is going to be a Make Camp for the kids from 10 AM to 12 PM.  Parents must stay on the premises but not necessarily in the classroom if the kids are old enough to be left so mom can shop in peace while the kids are busy crafting.  Sounds good, right?

Michaels also has classrooms that you can rent for birthday parties for children aged 8 and up.  You can get the deluxe version of the party that comes with invitations and thank you notes, craft supplies for eight guests in one of several themes like princess, dinosaur or superhero for $120 and $10 for each additional guest, or you can pay $50 and bring your own craft supplies.  One of the Michaels' staff members is on hand to assist during the party.  For older kids they have some pretty cool themes like Mad Scientist, cooking school, fairies and woodland creatures and for even older kids there are jewelry making and painting themes.    

The classrooms can be rented for other types of things too, like Girl or Boy Scouts meetings and things like that.  I'm thinking of renting one for a scrapbooking event.

Did you know Michaels held events like this?  Would you take a class?  Leave the kids while you shop?

Make sure to stop by some of the other A to Z participants, and come back here tomorrow for the letter F!

(Note:  All pictures used in this blog series were taken by me at local Michaels stores).


  1. Mary has a couple of friends who teach knitting at Michael's. I've suggested that maybe she could do that, and she suggested I never talk about that again...

    1. Sounds like you have the perfect marriage there! I'd take a crocheting class because I've dabbled in that already and made some blankets and scarves but knitting is a whole other ballgame.

  2. Having events and classes are great ways to promote products that they sell. Might be an interesting way to meet people too.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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