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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Blogging From A to Z - 2018 - U is for

Welcome to the letter U in the A to Z Challenge for 2018.  I'm traveling through the alphabet at Michaels Arts and Crafts store.  Today is U for Unique and Unusual.

Just walking through the store the other day I came upon several things that would qualify (I think) as unique and unusual.  First, there was this display just sitting in the middle of the walkway.  I'm not sure if it was the beginning of a new display or just a place to sit and rest for a minute.  The way it was just by itself in the aisle made it seem a little weird.  (No offense to Michaels merchandising team, just my opinion).

Here's a close up of the stool/end table?  I guess you could use it for either, depending on how big you are.  They are made of metal.  

Mother's Day is coming soon if your mom is a gardener.  These tools are pretty.

Something new since I left are these ceramic stone kits.  They come in all different patterns.  Maybe there is one that would look good around my fairy garden?  

This was new to me too.  They are called Diamond Dotz and it is a form of needlework, although you are using tiny dots instead of thread.  You use a special tool to pick up the Dotz and put them in the picture.  The end result kind of like needlepoint.  I didn't read the whole instructions so I don't know what you can do with them when you're done or if you have to put some sealant or something over it so the beads don't fall off.    

Cute kittens

These are cool new ways to charge your phones and other electronic devices.  Hidden inside is a charger which you can charge at home and then carry this with you to charge your phone on the go.  What will they think of next? 

In the kids section there are some unusual and pretty cool animals:

Another one of the kid crazes like the slime thing are Squishies.

I asked several kids what the attraction was about these things and all they could say was "They're squishy."  Apparently they have to have a certain type of squishability to be the most sought after.  

One of the moms said maybe they were like the adult stress balls?  I don't know but for $13 and up I think I'd try to find something else for my kid to sit and squeeze.  I watched one girl squeeze every single one we had on display and tell her dad that none were the "right" kind.  At least they don't involve tons of glue and glitter and aren't messy!   

These are called Morphs and apparently they can morph from a blob of goo into an animal.  

Gotta have a unicorn!

These styrofoam heads are kinda creepy just sitting on the shelf like this don't you think?

And we can't forget the masks.  

Another U is Unfinished wood.  There are a ton of different things you can get and paint or stain to your own liking.  Birdhouses and castles.

Serving trays.

Frames and boxes, words and letters.

Shelves and other art.

Unique and unusual enough to qualify for this letter?  Ever use unfinished wood to make your own home decor?  Interested in trying Diamond Dotz?  Need a squishy for stress relief?  Love to hear about it.  Once again I suggest you visit the other U-blogs for today and come back tomorrow for the letter V.

(Note:  I decided I should add a disclaimer to these posts because I certainly don't want to give the idea that I am being paid by Michaels to do this or that they are furnishing me with material.  All pictures used in this blog series were taken by me at local Michaels stores, or are my personal pictures and every Michaels store may not have everything shown.)


  1. Interesting... Mary has a couple of styrofoam heads she uses to model the hats she makes. She usually leaves the hats on so they don't look as creepy...

    1. How cool to make hats! I like the look of hats but never seem to be able to find one that works with my head. They are all too big and loose. Guess my head is the only little part of my body :)

  2. I think those mask blanks look ultra creepy. I might be tempted to put one on and sit at that seemingly-out-of-place table configuration - and see if anyone noticed. :-)

    1. Oh Deborah, you kill me! Like a candid camera setup. Too funny.

  3. So many interesting things! I bought a floral set of gardening tools for my Mum for Mothers Day several years ago. Those styrofoam heads remind me of hairdressing students who have to create a wild hairpiece on one as part of their final year project. I really enjoyed seeing all these things - I could have bought several of them!

    Leanne |
    V for Visualise and Plan

    1. I thought those gardening tools were almost too pretty to get dirty!


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