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Saturday, November 12, 2016

November to Remember

November 11 - Cherished Memory #11

I've done a lot of "firsts" so far, first kiss, first car, first job, so now we come to first apartment.

I was 21 years old and still living in my parent's house.  Mind you, that was not a bad thing really.  I had a full time job, I had a car, I could come and go generally as I pleased but I felt like I was never going to grow up if I stayed there much longer.  In our old-fashioned Italian Catholic family, however, girls didn't usually move out without being married.  I had no prospects in that department and figured that I wouldn't meet many people without branching out.

My mom was upset when I told the family that my plan was to be on my own by the time I turned 22.  I asked for household things like pots and pans and cookbooks for Christmas that year and I banked every penny I could.  My older sister said she would go apartment hunting with me and that made my mom feel a little better.

I scrapbooked the adventure.  I even had my old calendars to add!

The bottom two windows were my front room and dining room windows.  It was a one bedroom apartment with a garage in the back.  I loved it.  I was on my own!  The landlord let us paint and wallpaper and even though I didn't have much, it was mine!  My first major purchase was a waterbed, which I had to buy on credit, such an adult!

It was right down the street from the local high school and I used to see the kids walking to school in the morning.  Years later, I drove by when I took our kids to school.  Such memories!  Cherished!

How about you?  First apartment?  


  1. My first apartment was in Palo Alto..on Park Blvd ( had to look it up). Loved it..was there about a year before I got married and moved to Mountain View.

    1. I don't remember ever seeing either of those places! Guess we were too busy with school and work to party much then!


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