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Saturday, November 26, 2016

A November to Remember

November 23 - Cherished Memory #18

My first best friend, Elizabeth.  I have mentioned that my sisters were older than I and my younger sister wasn't born yet but when I started kindergarten the bus used to stop right at our corner to pick me up to take me to school.  There was a little girl who lived across the street from us and we started going to school together.  Pretty soon we became great friends and I remember going to her house to play.  These were the "good old days" and I used to just walk across to her house all the time and she would come down to my house to play as well.  Here we are showing off some puppets we made in kindergarten.

I loved going to Elizabeth's house.  She had the coolest stuff!  She had Barbie dolls, which I didn't have, and she had the "Mystery Date" game.  I usually got Poindexter.

Her family had color television before we did and I can clearly remember laying on the floor in her living room on Sunday nights watching Disney's Wonderful World of Color.  

Elizabeth's dad had been in the service and because of that he could use the club on Treasure Island.  She had some of her birthday parties there and it was so exciting to go across the bridge to the party.  I can remember playing hide and seek out in the trees.  I was at one of her birthday parties when my mom went into labor with my little sister, so they share the same birth date.    

Liz's father was a clothes buyer for a department store and that meant that he would bring home boxes of clothes.  

We used to take the empty boxes and put them in the garage and decorate them using crayons and scraps of paper and things and make them into our "cars."  We would spend hours there in the garage pretending to drive to far away places.  I'm pretty sure mine was a red race car, but I could be mistaken.  Maybe that's what attracted me to this car...

As we got older, we started hanging out less and less.  I went to a Catholic school and she went to the public schools so we made different friends.  We went to the same high school but by then we were not as close as we once had been.  After graduation we really lost touch because I moved into an apartment and we didn't see each other again until our 20th high school reunion.  How great it was to see her again.  Thankfully now with Facebook we are able to stay a little closer in touch.  

Here we are at our 40th high school reunion.  Still kids, right?  

One more Cherished Memory for the books.  How about you?  Have a best friend from childhood?  


  1. I never understood the attraction of "Mystery Date." I know, I was a boy, but even then, if they had had a version for boys with female "dates," I don't think it would have been as big. Mary and her friends played it, and she could never explain the attraction, either.

    1. Not sure why I liked it so much either, since I usually ended up with the dud! His name was Poindexter.


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