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Thursday, November 10, 2016

A November to Remember

November 10 - Cherished Memory #10.

Well, to be honest, not so sure this memory is cherished, but I definitely remember it!  I am choosing to participate in Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop this week and her #2 prompt is:  Tell us something you were punished for.

Let me say first off that I went to a Catholic school for eight years.  That was punishment right there (LOL - not really.  I value my education).

Here I am in my little uniform.  Cute, right?  I think this is in second grade, but the memory I have is from the first grade.    

We were taught by nuns and our teacher that year was Sister Theophane.  She was pretty strict.  At the beginning of each week we were given five little tickets and if we misbehaved during the week we had to give her one of those tickets.  If you didn't lose any tickets you got a gold star and if you had to give up your tickets, you got a check mark or something.  (Occasionally a smack with a ruler for serious offenses - yes, that was allowed back then).

We also had to go to church frequently. While I was used to going to church with my parents, I think on this particular occasion there was something special going on.   Maybe a visit from a bishop.  If you know anything about the Catholic Church and going to mass, you know that there is a lot of pomp and circumstance, but there are also very specific do's and don'ts (again, this was in 1962 so things have changed since then).  

At any rate, this was a time during the mass when everyone was supposed to be kneeling down and facing the altar, but I heard a rustle and a commotion going on behind us and I wanted to see what was going on, so I stood up and looked to the back of the church.

Oh my goodness, if looks could kill I would have been smitten right then.  Sister Theophane caught my eye and mouthed, "SIT DOWN."  Of course I immediately did and the rest of the mass continued.  

When we got back into class after getting everyone settled into their seats, Sister Theophane called me up to the front of the class.  "What was the meaning of that display in church?" she asked me.  "I couldn't see what was going on," I said.  I'm pretty sure she wanted to laugh but instead she asked me for THREE of my little tickets!  Wow, harsh!  I know I turned beet red and meekly walked back to my desk and got her the tickets.  You can be sure I was on my best behavior for the rest of the week, and pretty sure I never stood up in church again!  That was actually the only time I remember getting punished in school, so I think my little tickets were safe.  

Okay, 10 days done, 20 to go.  How about you?  Any school trouble?  Love to hear about it.  

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  1. Thank you Janet so much for sharing this picture. All my childhood photos were lost. I don't remember the tickets. But then again I was very shy and don't ever remember getting in trouble. I remember in 4th grade boys in class getting in trouble with the lay teacher we had. And she smacking the back of their hands with the yard stick. How about the beanies we had to wear on our head to church? Weren't they green plaid or were they gray?

  2. Oh the shame!! I went to a catholic school too and can totally see something like this unfolding. Those sisters meant business!

  3. Oh, my gosh! That is so funny. I would like to tell you what that display was, Sister T, but my view was obstructed. Hysterical!

    1. She made it seem like I had yelled or pointed or something! I was only 7 for goodness sake.


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