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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A November to Remember

Okay, I give up.  I know I am not going to make 30 memories by tomorrow since I still have 7 to go, but here are two more for now...

Cherished Memory #24 - The Plant

My husband is very romantic.  I love that about him.  When we first started dating, he brought me a plant.  When he gave it to me he said, "As this grows, so will our love grow."  Wow!  That was so beautiful I thought.  Also, a lot of pressure.  I wasn't exactly born with a green thumb and what happens if I kill the plant?  Here it is when he first gave it to me:

The pictures are terrible but the memories are crystal clear.  It is a small plant, as you can tell from the vase next to it.  It is sitting on the back of my headboard. 

Fast forward to about 7 years later.  That plant had gotten so big!  It had made a move from the house I was renting with my girlfriend to an apartment that Bill and I rented with one of his friends, to an apartment that we rented on our own and then to a house that we rented when the kids started coming along.

We had to keep repotting it and at one point we even split it up into two pots!  Talk about love growing!  It grew big enough that we had to start putting it on the floor instead of on a shelf or the speaker.

Unfortunately, when we made the last move to the house that we are living in now, it did not last long.  Maybe it had been weakened from all the moves.  Maybe it wasn't getting as much sun in the new house.  Fortunately, I knew that our love would keep growing even without the plant!  

Cherished Memory #25 - The Love Angel

We had gone to our annual Boulder Creek golf tournament and on the way home we stopped with some friends at a little curio shop.  We wandered around a bit looking at all the trinkets and then went back on our way home.  

When we pulled up in the driveway and were getting out of the car, my husband handed me a box and said, "Here, I got this for you."  I had no idea he had bought anything.  Not quite sure how he managed that but anyway, when I opened the box, this is what I found:

He makes me melt that guy!  He always says that he knew the minute he shook my hand and looked in my eyes when we first met that I was the one for him and this little poem says just that.  I have kept it in my wallet for all these years.  The little angel I keep on my desk because I'm afraid if I wear it, I'll forget about it and put it in the washer!

We are down to our last five memories.  Not quite the way I planned it, but being away for a week kind of threw me off.  I'll try to add some more tomorrow.  

How about you?  Got a romantic hubby?  Are you the romantic one?  Love to hear it.

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