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Thursday, November 17, 2016

A November to Remember

November 17

Cherished Memory #15

Yes, I know, I'm behind but I'm having to dig a little deeper into the vault for these memories so it is taking me some time to get pictures and gather my thoughts.  I promised my daughter, Amanda, I wouldn't "flake" on this since she enjoys reading about the old times so I will do all 30 eventually.  For now...

#15 - That time I thought I was going to be a newspaper reporter...

My sister, Judy, and her husband and kids had gone away on a two week vacation so I decided I was going to make a newspaper for her of all the exciting family happenings that were taking place while she was gone.

Okay, so maybe I embellished a bit, like pretending their house was robbed while they were away, and that I got a visit from a celebrity (my crush at the time, Peter Brown from Laredo - love those cowboys!).   

I did report on some actual events, such as my little sister's birthday party and the Sears Singer Sewing School contest, which we didn't win, much to my mother's disappointment.

But, what makes this all the more a cherished memory is the fact that last month I got an email from an old neighbor of ours who was cleaning out some boxes his mother had kept and he came across a copy of this "newspaper" that I must have given her at that time since their family was mentioned in some of the articles (he had attended the birthday party for my sister and his brother had gotten a new car, which I described).  This is from 1971 mind you!!!  That means she kept this for 45 years!  I could understand my sister perhaps keeping it (she has) and I kept it (pictures prove that), but for our neighbor to keep something like this was really amazing to me.  Made me cry.  I told him he could get rid of it now if he wanted and he said he was going to keep it!  Made me cry again.  

So, have a laugh and read the San Bruno Gazette from 1971.  I was 16 at the time and did my best to recap the events of the neighborhood.

How about you?  Ever make a newspaper?  Have a celebrity come visit you?  Love to hear about it!     


  1. This is such a sweet story. I never made a newspaper, but I was keen on making magazines with cutout photos and typed up pretend stories. I considered myself an editor. No wonder blogging appealed to me, huh?

    1. Yes, Ally, I can see that. Guess our voices just need to be heard :) Blog on!


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