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Sunday, August 18, 2019

August Break - 2019 - Number - Picnic - My Hands

Catching up today with #Augustbreak2019 because I've missed a couple of posts.

August 16:  Number

I've been doing the August Break for a few years now and I have this page from 2015.  I wrote that my favorite numbers are 3 and 5. 

While doing the research for that, I was curious so I looked at some numbers in relation to my blog.  Interestingly, although I use Blogger to write my posts because that's the platform I started with, I am able to simulcast it on WordPress thanks to John at The Sound of One Hand Typing who introduced me to IFTTT.  On my Blogger site I have 25 followers and 694 total posts.  On my WordPress site I have 164 followers and 941 posts.  I am not sure how I have more posts on WordPress but I wonder if I should just learn how to use that and give up my Blogger?  Something to ponder.  I also see that some of the pictures from 2015 are no longer showing on my Blogger but they are on WordPress.  What's up with that?

August 17:  Picnic

I don't go on many picnics but I have this cute mini-album in the shape of a picnic basket for sale in my Etsy shop in case you want to use it for some pictures of picnics that you have had :).

image 0image 2

image 3

August 18:  My hands

I use my hands all the time since typing is what I do for a living.  A few years ago I had an interesting occurrence with my wedding rings.  I am still not quite sure how it happened but they got warped while on my hand and yet nothing was wrong with my finger. 

I had the rings repaired but didn't like the way the anniversary band came out so we got a ring enhancer to go around the wedding bands instead.

A couple of weeks ago I was walking Benny and we had a run in with a mean cat.  When I went down to pick up Benny so the cat couldn't get at him my hand got in the way. 

It looks worse than it is and it is all better now but I was surprised at how black and blue it got.  There were two claw puncture marks as well.  The cat was just as big as Benny and pretty strong.  Benny growls as we pass by the house now! 

Now I'm all caught up and can start fresh tomorrow.  Thanks for following along.


  1. Cute photo album and how strange about your lovely rings. That looks a nasty injury to your hand. I hope it's healed by now. I only have a wordpress account for following others and commenting. It's hard enough keeping on top of one blog let alone two, even if they are linked.

    1. My hand is all better now, thanks. I was surprised at the amount of bruising but glad that I got the worst of it rather than the dog!

  2. Sorry you were injured.

    Softer metal bends easier. Higher karot gold, for example, is very flexible. That could be related to your ring issue. (I've seen this before.)

    Wordpress and Blogger haven't been playing as well together as they once were. I, personally, prefer Wordpress. But I use Blogger for other sites I'm part of (OA, A to Z, etc).

  3. Thanks J. I think I'm going to give WordPress a try because I know that most people use it instead of Blogger. Can't hurt and learning new things is good for the mind, especially at my age - LOL. Yeah, the ring thing was weird because it was like it just appeared. I look at my rings a lot and thought I would have noticed something like that.


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