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Saturday, December 1, 2018

December Ditties - 2018 #SoCS - Stream of Consciousness Saturday

"Ma"...Ma...Ma...Mama...mama...mommy...mommy...Janet!"  "What???!!!"

It has happened...Occasionally our kids think I am not paying enough attention to them. 

Sorry, that was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the Stream of Consciousness prompt from Linda today was "Ma."  I know we can use it whatever way we want but for me, that's it. 

MAybe I'm not the only one but when I am in a store and I hear someone calling for "MA" or "Mom" I turn around and look, even when I know my kids are not with me at the time.  Our youngest, who is the one who usually does the "Ma" thing as a joke (or not a joke) took me out to breakfast this morning so it's all good.

December Ditties is the name for my ramblings this month.  There are a couple of challenges I'd like to try participating in but I'm not sure if I'll have the time.  I'm supposed to start a new transcription project that is going to take me out of my house (!!) for 4 to 5 hours a day.  It was supposed to start in October but has been delayed.  The most recent update was that it was to begin on December 3 but we haven't gotten confirMAtion yet.  It is a big project and when/if it starts it is going to take about 3 months to complete.  That's a lot of time out of the house for me!  I'll actually have to get dressed and comb my hair :)   

One of the challenges I have done before, the December Reflection with Susannah Conway.  The object is to take a picture using a prompt.  Here they are if you want to play along:

The first one is Morning Light and I've already done that one a couple of times so I'm going to skip it.

Another fun thing I saw in a post share from Eugenia at Brew and Spew was the Holiday Blog(MAs) party.  I think that sharing holiday memories and traditions is interesting so I'm going to give it a shot.  As I understand it, you are to blog about ChristMAs/the Holidays and what they mean to you.  Thanks to KaylaAnn for organizing.     

ChristMAs is a time of sharing and giving and I'm all about that.  It's a time of love and being with family.  My earliest ChristMAs memories are of the ChristMAs eve parties we had when I was growing up.  All of our extended family came to our house to share a meal, open presents and we would stay up to go to midnight MAss. 

I am the one at the bottom right in this picture.  I was the youngest for a long time until my little sister came along when I was 5. 

That's enough rambling for now.  Hope that you will come along with the December Ditties.  I know it is a busy time for everyone this year.  Ma...Ma...MAMA...MAMA...Mommy...JANET     


  1. Hi, Janet - I love your use of MA throughout your post. Very clever!

    1. Thanks, Donna. Sometimes it works out nicely that way!


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