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Saturday, December 15, 2018

December Ditties - 2018 - Blog(mas) Gingerbread Houses

This is an open apology to my kids.  I'm sorry, we should have been making gingerbread houses every year when you were little but I was "too busy."  Really, I just didn't want to deal with the mess because you know that once you were done making them, you were done.

Isn't this one cute?  It looks like a happy face I think.  At least, I think that way now.  Then I thought, "That doesn't look like the picture on the box."

You see, at that time I wanted them to be perfect.  I wasn't allowing for creative license or little kids having fun.  Kind of selfish on my part now that I think about it.   

This one is a little closer to what the picture on the box looks like but it was done by our daughter and her boyfriend (at the time) and they were in high school.  

I had some nerve thinking that it had to be picture perfect given the fact that I had tried to make some "special" cakes for them that didn't quite turn out like I wanted them to:

Look like a crayon box?

Princess castle?

They never said, "Mom, that doesn't look like the picture" and the cakes got eaten for sure.  Of course, the next year they might have said, "Mom, can I have a store bought cake this year?"  Still, that would have been okay with me since it was much easier to buy a cake than make one.

So again, I say to Amanda, Jeff and Rachel, I'm sorry that we didn't make more gingerbread houses because as I see now that you are all grown, its not about the houses, it's about the memories.  Love you!  Mom

This is part of the Blog(mas) series from KaylaAnn.  She is writing some pretty cool stuff about her Christmas memories and favorites as well.  You should definitely check it out.  

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